Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wear Tea Party Button with Palin Pride

Living in Western New York is like living behind the Iron Curtain. You take obama/cuomo/schumer...please! Wear your button others will love it!
Join the Palin Western New York Gates Tea Party and get your free Button.

Sunday, September 25, 2011



Tribute to the men and women who served with a servant's heart.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sarah and Hannity

Palin: "Mark My Word, It Is Going To Be An Unconventional Election"

Listen to what Sarah Palin said to Hannity the other night.She knows YOU must be in place as soon as she announces. She does not need our advice abut when to announce. She is asking you to contribute to the endorsements for Congress So give here.
So the Congress will be Conservative Constitutionalist majorities.

This is also where we come in:Western New York is not lost if we fight Hochul CD-D-26 , Slaughter CD-D 28 and Brian Higgins CD-D 27. Ann Marie Beurkle will face Dan Mafei again in CD 25. He was an obama water carrier.Slaughter in CD 28 is on the HOUSE Socialist Caucus. All six represenatotives will receive a copy of the UNDEFEATED DVD.

You can have a free copy sent to you if you tell me your name address and date of your showing and where you will show it.Before Oct 14th be sure to have some voter registration forms on hand for folks to switch to the Republican Party. They must be sent in to Board of Election in your county by Oct 14 midnight. Forms may be printed out from this site FORMS Our Primary Election Date to vote for Sarah Palin is April 24,2012.New York State will be ready as soon as she announces.

YOU have to move quickly to be ready.

No more sitting on sidelines watching events happen. We will make them happen.
Play the video again.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Former AK Gov. Sarah Palin's Restoring America, Indianola, IA 9-3-2011 -...

Organize4Palin New York is ready to take back Congressional Districts 25,26 and 28

Palin 2012 and your contribution to will change the scene in Washington.
IN NYS we have until October 14 to change registrations from Democrat, Independent and Conservative to Republican . This makes all who are registered Republicans able to vote for Sarah Palin in April 24,2012 Primary Election.

Palin 2012.