Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Sarah Palin brought in the crowds in Nevada , Wisconsin etc

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We are fast at work fundraising for $3.5K for a mass mailing to Republicans in Metro areas of New York State. Boxes of Palin Palm Cards ,boxes of envelopes and making a delivery to the Post Office are pictured here. There were 12 others who participated but not shown here including myself.
One coordinator in Livingston County is having a summer on line sale of AVON products which is going well . Another coordinator is having Palin Information Wine Tasting Parties in Rockland County. On Staten Island and Manhattan door to door canvassing and Palm Card drop offs have been underway.Clubs and college students have been visited and Palin information left for them.
Our Tea Party (upstate) groups seem to be interested in having study groups instead of reaching out to voters.Consequently,we have just finished electing Andy Cuomo and lost a House seat in the 26th district. We already have horrible Schumer and Gilldibrand as senators.In the HOUSE Lee, Elmo Massey and weiner , and with Socialist Caucus member Louise Slaughter all surrounding us it seems to be up hill.

So it is time to roll up our sleeves and get busy. Palin 2012 is the answer. We will be ready for her if and when she declares her candidacy.



Willie gets set up for Street Fairs and Festivals to hand out Palin Plam cards with candy attached to each one.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Private letters and post cards from the edge..

Hello Mudder Hello Fadder ,here I am at Camp Granada...Todd's away feedin' Baby Trigg ,while our Bristol is adjusting my blonde wig.
We're goin' huntin' shootin' moose and then hang them upside down in our new igloos.
Alaska's so dang cold but we're up here remember for the gold! ....
and so on and so on the New York Times and WAPO extra copies
will start Sarah's fireplace in a few months I am sure.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Western New York is Behind The Iron Curtain

Western Upstate New York 26 just elected an Obama/Soros Socialist Democrat. Rochester has CD 26 #25 and #27 all of them have atypical economic norms. Unemployment is below national standards, average wages and home prices are higher than the norm. Homeless in Rochester pretty much brought in to shelters for food and warmth. It is a company town with corporation culture is from KODAK IBM XEROX to name a few.
When Sarah Palin came to town to sign her books a Socialist crazy had to drive in from Buffalo to throw tomatoes at her. He missed her but hit book displays and some volunteers. City people voted in a Black mayor and a gay city council member. We had a riot back in 70's and the schools were changed.
CD 26th Map:

Here is a quoted comment of what it is like from "Unschackle Upstate New York"
My husband and I have lived in Western NY and raised our family here. Recently, he lost his job within the IT department of a local college due to declining enrollment. Most of that declining enrollment is due to the enormous tax burden placed upon the citizens who have to seek out less expensive means of education for their children. Now we are literally "screwed" because although he has had several interviews he is not offered a job because he is an "older" worker. He has more to offer any company than a young graduate, but we can see that companies are cutting back and paying "green" workers less money to stay profitable. Sad state of affairs when you have an education and have put in your time in NYS and can't even get an offer for $15 p/h. Time to kick out the unions and make businesses more profitable by lowering taxes. Then everyone will have an equal chance at finding a good job.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday Mittens Are full Of Woe

Give Piper Palin a rest so she can write her essays on what she did during her summer vacation on BUS TOUR 2011.