Sunday, July 3, 2011

How to inform more voters than ever....

Up Date August 10,2011 and
August 11,2011
Read about trip: Contribute to Sarah PAC

Up Date: August 2,2011
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UPDATES: July27,2011:
There are 3,140 Counties in the 50 States (Alaska has Boroughs and Louisiana has Parishes not counties). There are 300,000 Precincts aka Election Districts total in all counties.Further break down is the counties have towns and cities with precincts. Each Pricinct needs a volunteer to get out the Palin vote. That means you are in charge of 250 to 500 voters. You can get more people registered to vote or call them on election day. You can get help to do these jobs. I mean labors of love. (<; . My townn in NYS has 35 Precincts each with about 250 to 500 voters. I have contacted all Republicans in all 35 precincts. Here are the counties in New York State -there are 62 counties which is the average number for each state. New York is average ? AH HA.


NOTES: July 9,2011
There are about 3000 counties in the USA for a total of 300,000 polling places aka precincts or Election Districts. Each precinct or ED has from 200 to 500 voters. Take one precinct or ED and work in it for Sarah Palin . We will be ready when she announces.

This is the sample card asking for volunteers.
You can purchase 200 Palin Palm Cards for $10 a bundle; get some first class stamps -about 10 panes @$8.80 at the Post Office; go to the Board of Elections for lists of nearby election districts and ask for Republican registrant's list about $5 worth; a box of envelopes $10 at Staples; a pen and 8 hours of volunteer time to address them (PRICELE$$!).

Register Free at Organize 4 Palin and tell them you have contacted about 200 neighboring Republicans. Each state in the US has a Co-ordinator who will get in touch with you for further work ,if you wish.

If you like to walk, continue on to a door to door canvassing using the lists and a few hundred Palin Key Cards with slots to fit on doorknobs.
All purchased at GOP VICTORY PRINT. They take charge card orders for all Palin Palm Card asking for VOLUNTEERS like your self.
We are the BOOTS ON THE GROUND. We are more organized and determined than ACORN was. Our lives,families, our country cry out to be free.
Palin will need volunteers when she declares. We are it.Worth every dime spent and every hour to take back our country.
Palin 2012###

Friday, July 1, 2011

Western NYS Works On State-wide Mailing

State Leader from Staten Island,Ron Devito of Organize4Palin-NY, directed mailing throughout New York State.
We handled hundreds of lists for New York State Republicans and mailed out thousands of Palin Palm cards during June and early July.The Project will go on until Sarah Palin announces.Below is a sample of the Palm Card from GOP VICTORY PRINTING:

Handwritten envelopes ready to be stamped . Stamps were purchased by our fundraising campaigns.
I enjoyed spending hours watching Palin in the news on TV while I addressed envelopes.

Some of the lists.

We will continue going door to door with the Palm Cards throughout the state while mailing to buildings where we cannot canvass . Upstate added a flag wrapped butter mint to our stacks of cards.In July and August these will be handed out at street festivals and art shows.
Willie will work with his friend Brent handing out the cards and candy.

We hope that more volunteers to organize4Palin will answer the call after they read the cards.