Monday, June 28, 2010

New Spaced Out Czar

Designated Spaced Out Czar. This is a recessed appointment by the POTUS.Special executive order will have to make 12 year old boys eligible for the permanent position.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Dodd and what's his face...

DODD: 'No one will know until this is actually in place how it works'...

What could possibly go wrong when Socialist Democrats stay up all night and create a wide sweeping finance bill? Answer: Further erosion of the favorable ratings of the Congress.
Another one of those :you have to pass this 2000 page bill to know what is in it.
Are we to wonder if term limits and a shortened Congressional Sessions are waiting in the wings? I am suggesting that the shorter amount of time Congress wheels and deals the less time people like Senator Dodd will be able to plan for his own personal fortune.
How can an "in your face " House of Representative member remain smiling? He smiled after bad advice about the dangers of Fannie and Freddie and the bad loans to people who had no earthly credit rating. I do not smile at this guy writing legislation about our financial future. I have NO FAITH in him, and I do not have to wait until obama signs this bill to know that our government once again is not acting in good faith.

*Drudge Report:Dodd et al

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Together Again At Last-More Mama Grizzlies

Sharron Angle : The Senate Candidate in Nevada,is reported to have received a Sarah Pac contribution. I think the limit is
$5000. I even relented and sent money to her campaign in Nevada. There is so much at stake and Harry Reid must be defeated. Rasmussen Polls show Angle still has an 11% lead over Reid. He has 25 times more money than Angle but he is hated by Nevadans and other parts of America 25 million times more. That just about equals things out in my mind. Sharron has Club for Growth and the Madison Project also buying TV ad time for her . Look at the claws on the emblem (which I love) and know we have to all be mama grizzlies: ferocious and determined!
Sharron joins the MAMA GRIZZLIES designated by Sarah Palin. This logo can be seen on one of Sarah's earliest all out supportive sites. Here! Thanks to Jeri Thompson who I saw on the Hannity show one night, I got in touch with this group and joined the TEAM immediately.Mama Grizzlies Logo was designed by TEAM SARAH. Visit and buy articles with the emblem on that site.

Palin is my brand of Conservatism!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Primary Night Palin Night All Is Bright

Sarah Palin's Picks were very successful in Tuesday night primaries. Nikki Haley ,a selected MAMA GRIZZLIE, was seen going into the voting booth with one of her children. She reminds me of a very strong type of woman who took no insults or nonsense but stormed through the blocks thrown at her.
Palin had three winners last night. Next selections from Sarah should be odds on favorites. No one is betting money but if they were ....anyway.The best money spent for the future of the Republican party and America should be on Conservatives supported and endorsed by Palin . Palin is the heavy favorite among Republicans for 2012.Let's keep her in the mix by contributing to her team .here
It is hard to confirm except through the foreign press this morning if "General Mc" will resign.If he does he would be a great VP pick for Sarah in 2012.
Palin 2012

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sarah Palin and Tea PartyHD Endorsements


Recommended: One Large Donation to Sarah Pac. As Governor Palin makes her selected endorsements I know that I have added to her monetary contribution to Conservatives' Campaigns. This saves me time from having to hunt up each individual's campaign site.
On the video Michael P. Leahy(TCOT) talks about the Tea Party HD endorsements. Names of candidates overlap and are on both lists as being endorsed.

This Man Is Not Elected By The People

Obama's strong arm bully. Rambo is not elected by the people. He is dangerous to our good public image throughout the nation (world).This is the kind of man Obama has as his personal advisor.
So far so good? Obama has a 41% approval rating. IMO Obama has to get down around 20something percent. This would make room for the Republicans to continue on the failing leadership as represented by Mitt Romney . It makes room for a third presence on the 2012 ballot- call this presence The Independent Party, The Tea Party or the Constitutional Party. Any of these later names represent what the people want. The CONSENT OF THE GOVERN is no longer given to Democrats or Republicans per se. The CONSENT OF THE GOVERN is given for SMALLER GOVERNMENT, FLAT TAX or FAIR TAX, Reduction of Taxes,and renewal of individual rights to own guns.. I would add social issues such as Pro-Life which includes the unborn. English as the PRIMARY LANGUAGE and an end to the expansion of entitlement programs. I want to do away with the Education Department and leave education to local Boards of Education.
Rambo is not elected and because he stands in the way of our rights , he should be sent back home. (Not to Israel, last visit he was all but stoned and called traitor by the Israelis.)
The only people who think Rambo is right for the oval office and the ear of the president are those who wish to push us further into communist and Socialist servitude.

Monday, June 14, 2010

It's A Grand Old Flag...

and forever may she wave.
A Good Day to Fly the Flag .
I handed out copies of the United States CONSTITUTION AND A SMALL FLAG TODAY.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize : Sarah Palin and 2010

Nevada Primary Results left the whole Harry Reid Family with big grins. Sharron Angle was helped along by Reid and now the whole state of Nevada is moored in Socialist Democrat politics. Angle beat out the only Republican Conservative who could have trounced Reid. Reid's son is running for governor. The Reid stamp is on the neck of Nevada .
IMO Plan B to the rescue . It will lessen Reid's strangle hold on the rest of the nation. It is Sarah Palin's Brand!!

Side note: Tea Party Movement should stay away from endorsements. Thanks to Sal Russo of Tea Party Express 's endorsement of Sharron Angle the Nevada mess has been exacerbated. The only solution is found in winning governor , senate and house seats in other parts of the nation. That is how the Palin Brand Comes in to HELP Conservatives.
Sarah Palin fared well last night with her endorsements.
Sharron Angle is not a "momma grizzlie " as Sarah called Nikki Haley and Carly Fiorina, nor is she part of the Nevada Republican's political work forces.
Her claim to fame was attending 14 Tea Party Rallies.
Russo et al now have a win that is nonsense and folly. And a even surer win for Reid in his reign as the evil prince of Socialist Democrats.
Glenn Beck pointed out that the Tea Party Express was not like the 912 Project that he founded. They did not adhere to the 912er's set of Principles or to any evident set of principles. I am not much interested in Sal Russo's destructive politics and consider his directions for the Angle campaign to be unethical. Sue Lowden did not do an effective job of repelling the lies and distortions aimed at her. Never let the enemy frame who your are. It was as if Angle and Reid were on the primary campaign trail together. You investigate . You decide the Angle-Reid connections.

Palin 2010 Conservative Brand and Winner of 2012

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Primary Days and Winners

Choose this driver ?


Who is driving the bus?
They and other Tea Party Movement sectors should stop endorsing candidates.
The Nevada endorsement and the California endorsement made us waste hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations to losers . We will lose today and/or in the November 2010 Elections.

Inexperience on the part of Tea Party Movement leaders is NO EXCUSE for the disasters they are causing. JUST STAY AWAY FROM ENDORSEMENTS:my advice ot them..
I am a member (mailing lists) of many Tea Parties. I was NOT ASKED TO VOTE IN THEIR ENDORSEMENT SELECTIONS. Those endorsements and my criticism will come back to bite them.

I am sticking with Governor Sarah Palin's request to be on her Sarah Team for picks of Conservative , common sense candidates. I just sent hundreds off to
Sarah Pac.

Palin in 2012

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Presidency and Palin Leadership

Who among us would doubt that Governor Sarah Palin would have gone down in a submarine to view first hand the oil gusher one mile under the Gulf of Mexico? Palin has already advised Governor Jindal of Louisiana that it is every man for himself to save the coast line from the emerging oil slick. I hope Jindal is as brave as Palin and begins to build sand islands to protect LA.
Who among us does not believe that Palin would have emergency economic news for the aflicted states . Palin does not idly squat in the sand as if she does not know what to do as a leader.

Someone on FACEBOOK asked me to join a discussion group about Reality Based Political Dialogue. Look at the photos and know what is Past is Prologue. A person who has already headed the Norhtern Command in Alaska and stands tall and is respected by our service men and women: who would doubt her leadership?

I noticed as I began to write this there is a new site ,a new blogger on WHAT WOULD PALIN DO .com.

Palin 2012

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Governor Palin's Appearances in June

Copy information for tickets for Tyler , Texas on June 26th and June 27th in Norfolk, Virginia.
Palin 2012
Contribute to a Conservative Congress in the elections of 2012.Sarah Pac!