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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What Catholics Will Be Doing In November

60 Million + Catholic Voters are not going to continue to vote for Oabamanisms this November!
Voting for a person because he or she is Black is no longer acceptable. Marxism and Socialism is not the Gospel of Jesus. He is not Robin Hood. He did not advocate like Robin Hood to steal (excessive taxes) from the rich to give to the poor.(Redistribution of Your Money is Marxism)

He did not say Kill unprotected babies in the womb. He said this: Gather ye little children to me. Do not harm a hair on their heads.No voting for Liberal Judges who let child molesters go free.

You will no longer be doing the work of the Devil.
Go in front of Planned Parenthood and get down on your knees and pray the rosary. Look at he medical personnel carry out the white bags filled with a babies remains.
Ask God to forgive you.
I did.
I hope HE did.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Saturday, September 25, 2010

One Video Says It All To Catholics in USA

I was amazed to see this on TWITTER today.
It combates all the fallen Catholics like Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, John Kerry, Rudy Guliano and the whole Kennedy Family.
I was an early supporter of Governor Sarah Palin because she walked the talk better than any of the Socialist Democrat women and their PLATFORM of killing babies.It will ever be my bottom line for politicians.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Cape Cod Has Some Great Ideas!

Money Bombs rain down on Socialist Democrats. Highly recommended candidates to send $5 or $10 :
Carl Paladino within reach of Governor's seat for New York.

Sean Bielat to get rid of Barney Frank . Barney has fallen below 50%.

Renee for NC 2nd District to beat bully slappin Etheridge.Renee is not afraid of the bullying representative.

Carly Fiorina to get rid of Ma'am Boxer in CA.

Sharron Angle to swamp Harry Reid in Nevada Senate Race.

Lt.Col Allen West voice of our future from Florida. He is a Constitutional Conservative.

Christine O'Donnell from 0 to 60 to beat back Commie lover Chris Coons.

Joe Miller Marine from Alaska for Senate -already has 45%in three way race.

New Site from Governor Sarah Palin 2008 election holds. Take Back The 20.

Give in one large donation or $5 or $10 as your check book allows.
Palin/Bolton 2012

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bill, Ayers: Don't Bomb Anything

Ayers is 65 now and retired from teaching the last 20 years at Chicago University. He has made a good pension for his dumb wife and three wayward (now grown children). One of his kids named Zav Dorham went to Julliard (Could your child afford to go there?). Zav is a real genius and Billy is very proud of him . He just wrote a wonderful (not) musical called "Haymarket". Haymarket could be played by a group called Black Sabbath or some such meaningful named group. But how ignorant I am about such things.
The Ayers had 3 kids in all. How did they ever find the time? All those bombings ,plots , killings and books to write on"Teaching Toward Freedom" and "Teaching For Social Justice". I am a teacher but he is no colleague of mine.
Before I forget what I learned from my 13 cents cost of paying for he C-Span specials on Ayers, he had another son whom he called Malcolm after Mr. X.
We are all glad that Ayers and wifey have retired from teaching our innocent college kids and from bombing us.
Because he and his wife were such desperate criminals and unconvicted murderers it is hard to believe he still smiles and has loads of family photos plastered all over his office walls. He has made the American Dream and he is protected by the crazies in the Social Justice Judiciary. Aren't you just pleased about his feelings of safety and serenity? His family is safe. He is truly a miscreant and we get to look on his accomplishd life. I had one person who saw his name and said she felt physically sick just at the sight of it.
You remember he was a co-founder of WEATHER UNDERGROUND . He helped write The Weatherman Manifesto (at least I would presume that).
Billy was a Merchant Marine. Aren't you glad to know our Merchant Marine's inner secrets are safe with him? Janet Napalotano does not have him on DOMESTIC TERRORIST list but she does have the names of all of my Catholic friends who pray in front of Planned Parenthood on the list.
Cook up some popcorn and enjoy the quick video.

Added tonight: Chris Coons needs to get on this Post Office Poster:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tea Party Express IV

All aboard Tea Party Express IV about to take off on the tour for liberty.
Announcement Sept 27 TOUR until Nov 2--ELECTION DAY!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Launch of the Election Day Tea Party Project

Ambassador John Bolton joins with Michael P. Leahy founder of #TCOT to launch the Election Day Tea Party Project.
50 Candidates have been adopted to watch.
Bolton Partners with Nationwide Tea Party Coalition to Launch "Election Day Tea Party"Bolton said:.
"I joined the Election Day Tea Party project because -- perhaps more than at any other in my lifetime -- the results of this election cycle will determine the future of the United States as the leader of the Free World," said Ambassador John Bolton. "Election Day Tea Party is a great way for people to become involved in a substantial, productive way, no matter where you are in the country."

Top 50 House Races YOU Can Help to Win
Details at
Rank District Incumbent Challenger
1 NJ-6 Pallone Anna Little
2 FL-22 Klein Allen West
3 NY-25 Maffei Ann Marie Buerkle
4 NC-2 Etheridge Renee Ellmers
5 IN-2 Donnelly Jackie Walorski
6 FL-8 Grayson Daniel Webster
7 ID-1 Minnick Raul Labrador
8 WA-3 Heck Jamie Herrera
9 VA-11 Connolly Keith Fimian
10 SD-AL Sandlin Kristi Noem
11 CO-7 Perlmutter Ryan Frazier
12 SC-5 Spratt Mick Mulvaney
13 NV-3 Titus Joe Heck
14 VA-9 Boucher Morgan Griffith
15 NM-1 Heinrich John Barela
16 VA-5 Perriello Robert Hurt
17 MD-1 Kratovil Andy Harris
18 PA-12 Critz Tim Burns
19 TX-23 Rodriguez Quico Canseco
20 CA-47 Sanchez Van Tran
21 AR-1 Causey Rick Crawford
22 CA-11 McNerney David Harmer
23 ND-AL Pomeroy Rick Berg
24 NY-2 Israel John Gomez
25 AZ-8 Giffords Jesse Kelly
26 TX-27 Ortiz Blake Farenthold
27 FL-24 Kosmas Sandy Adams
28 FL-2 Boyd Steve Southerland
29 MS-4 Taylor Steven Palazzo
30 CO-4 Markey Cory Gardner
31 VA-8 Moran Patrick Murray
32 AZ-1 Kirkpatrick Paul Gosar
33 NC-7 McIntyre Ilario Pantano
34 PA-4 Altmire Keith Rothfus
35 WV-1 Oliverio David McKinley
36 GA-8 Marshall Austin Scott
37 IL-8 Bean Joe Walsh
38 IL-17 Hare Bobby Schilling
39 KY-3 Yarmuth Todd Lally
40 IA-2 Loebsack Mariannette Miller-Meeks
41 IN-9 Hill Todd Young
42 OH-13 Sutton Tom Ganley
43 TN-8 Herron Stephen Fincher
44 NJ-3 Adler Jon Runyan
45 PA-10 Carney Tom Marino
46 NM-2 Teague Steve Pearce
47 PA-11 Kanjorski Lou Barletta
48 AR-4 Ross Beth Anne Rankin
49 MA-4 Frank Sean Bielat
50 CA-8 Pelosi John Dennis

Contact: Michael Patrick Leahy,, 615-243-6869

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Against The Machine -(via Tammy Bruce)

Say your night night prayers after you watch this video. Pleasant dreams will ensue!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

We don't need no education...

From Clint Cox on FACEBOOK Photo
Tweedle Dee and Twiddle Hammer Lecturing that young ladies who think masturbation is an adolescent obsession may be called CRAZEEE. The men in the Conservative way of thinking say Christine O'Donnell should never ever say that masturbatory life is self lust and should be on list of habits to get rid of. I think the two (Rove and Krauthammer) doth protest too much.
Everyone else seems ot be getting into the fray too. As of this writing Christine O'Donnell, Senate Republican candidate in Delaware, has $1.6 million in contributions. Her site is always crashing from too many well wishers but try this. If it does not work I will publish an address for Friends of Christine.
Christine was endorsed by Sarah Palin and supported by

Palin/Bolton 2012

Note: Men for Masturbation Biden/Coons-the Reid "Pet"

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sarah Palin the proven leader.

The 2012 Draft Sarah Committee video. If you believe in Palin's leadership then join our efforts.

Palin Campaign Tracker via The Washington Post .HERE


Palin 2012

Thursday, September 16, 2010

What is the Republican "Machine" ?

Karl Rove is not done criticizing the Tea Party or the Tea Party candidates.
Karl Rove has gathered big Republican money donors in what is known as a 527 PAC. It is like an educational PAC in that the PAC can give almost unlimited money to promoting a candidates issues. My theory is that Rove has been setting up candidates to support. His slate is not doing so well. This Christine O'Donnell win in her Delaware primary must have really irked Rove and the other members of the PAC. They try to strong arm their choices into the winner's circles and that is why Sarah Palin referred to Rove et al as a "MACHINE.

There is no question as to my druthers for Republican leader: Sarah Palin.
CBS gave out the results of a phony poll saying that if Sarah Palin thinks she has a powerful name to drop into a campaign she doesn't. CBS is just plain wrong in their skewed poll. Sarah Palin makes an endorsement and FIREWORKS begin. Money pours into the campaign she endorses and money comes from me and other Palin Army members. All of the Palin Bloggers and Team give the call and donations come in.
Watch Rove and other Republicans who think they have power to anoint the Republicans for November. Rove has a lot of money and nowhere to spend it because no one is going to follow him. Especially now.The Tea Party is making the choices. Sarah Palin is making the choices. Senaor Jim DeMint is making the choices.And so it goes.
Palin/Bolton 2012 is my choice and not Rove's *smile*.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sarah Palin 5 and 0

Sample chatter late last night:
Does that mean Palin goes 5-0 tonight? ODonnell, Ayotte, Gomez, Grimm, Buerkle #tcot This correct?
YES>>>>>>>>>>this was SO CORRECT. I couldn't stay up much later for Ayotte. They must have been walking the ballot totals to the NH state capitol. Wherever that is. NH was so very very SLOW. It was a Cliff hanger.
Governor Sarah Palin, the titular head of my Republican party had the night 5 endorsements -5 wins. *smile*
Yes,Palin is the titular head of the Republican Party and she had a great night. Senator Jim DeMint was a great politician last night also. He won quite a few.
In New York State my candidate Carl Paladino won the governor primary Take a look at his videos. He beat Laziio an old time Long Island
Winner in Deleware for Senator,Christine O'Donnell wants to be off and running with some $$$ in her campaign coffers so don't leave her.. She will be seated in the "lame duck "sesson and will not have to wait until January 2011 to be seated.

Palin/Bolton 2012!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Busy 9/11 Weekend In Photos

Carl Paladino Running for Governor of NYS had Spokesperson representing him at Rally in NYC. Note Republican Primary in NYS on Tuesday. Carl ran hundreds of ads saying NO GROUND ZERO MOSQUE.
Here is a clip of a great Paladino interview. I agree with his statements.Rick Sanchez does no all on CNN. Here!
Bolton sent in video to NYC Rally

Pamela Geller Organizer and blogger at Atlas Shrugs- at NYC No Mosque Rally (THOUSANDS ATTEND RALLY)

IMAN building MOSQUE at Ground ZERO meets up with USA and our ally forever.

Sarah and Glenn speak in Anchorage on 9/11


Friday, September 10, 2010

We will never forget 9/11/01

WE WILL NEVER FORGET> View the VIDEO on the right hand side of the page.

We do not have a right to expect the City of New York to go through that kind of torture or worse again. But we must decide on a way not to leave the USA vulnerable to threats by the little Imam at Ground Zero. He threatens what ? What will happend if he he does not get to build his ISLAMIC JIHADIST MOSQUE SHRINE at the site in NYC? Will release more visible actions of the continuing JIHAD on America?

We can not expect protections from the Marxist Muslim in the White House.
How prepared are you to play these WAR GAMES with the world's Islamic?
One thing I always recommend is for people to read Robert Spencer's books on Mohammad and the Islamic Warriors who will fight to enslave us under Sharia Law. It is pathetic that those in Congress who have to make a determination to fight or not are so ignorant about the enemy.

Former Ambassador to the UN , John Bolton, has some sense about who the Jihadist are and what they will do.
Simplistically put: Palin/Bolton 2012,if we get that far.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's a HOOT

I'll take my "HOOT" once over ;easy!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Catholics are asked to vote for PROLIFE candidates.

THE WHOLE WORD. The "word" not according to Nancy Pelosi or John Kerry or Mayor Guiliani or the Kennedy Family: The WORD .
Pelosi and other wayward Catholic Elected Officials ignore the WORD OF GOD and the POPE's guidance on the DIVINE WORD as it pertains to Human Life and its value.
The candidates do not have to be Catholic but they must not be killers of the unborn or advocate for abortion like Barack Obama.
Obamanism has 50% of the Catholics in the United States still holding up his "base" of support. They are Socialist Democrats and pass over his abortion stands because they know better than ? Who? The Pope? God? They determine what the Ten Commandments say and vote accordingly. They pretend they are GOD. Check out what we think of people who take on the role of the ALMIGHTY.hereIn a recent bulletin our Pastor asked us to not pretend that we ourselves have no sins. That is easy to admit but it does not prevent me from pointing out to those 50% of the registered voting Catholic Population to stop supporting the Socialist Democrats or pro-abortion Republicans/Conservatives who to try and include a pro-abortion platform for the nation to consider. You do not have to get your moral bearings from an organized religion but it is good to have the "GOD-CHECK LIST" and to follow it. It is very clear cut to me -NO CHERRY PICKING THE TEN COMMANDMENTS.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Carl Paladino NYS Republican Primary for Governor 9/14

Carl Paladino just shot up 12 points in NYS poll for the Primary on Sept 14 .
Recently shot up the 12 percentage points to Rick Lazio in latest poll.

What do people like about Carl? He was first to post ads on TV saying NO MOSQUE in NYC. Now he is endorsed by the NYS NRA. Pro-life Fiscally Conservative he will reduce taxes by 10% and bring spending to a virtual halt in cash strapped NYS by a 20% decrease. New York City Homeless rate has been raised by 50% while Crazed Mayor Bloomberg spends all of his time supporting a MOSQUE on GROUND ZERO that 75% of New Yorkers do not want.
I wish the Buffalo, New York businessman Paladino,would get a nod from Sarah Palin as he is in line with her principles (and mine). Finally a candidate people in New York can be enthused about.

Sarah Palin's Plan for Next 60 Days