Sunday, January 30, 2011

Michele Bachmann and SNL too fun!!!

I support Rep Michele Bachmann. When she runs for senator from Minnesota she will be the only real senator they have . Al Franken is not funny was not funny on SNL and is a joke in the Senate.
GOOOOOO Michele!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Programs to keep track of balloons and balloon-heads.

Pundits and trial balloons and balloon-heads. Speaking of Karl Rove and if I may add Chris Matthews* both think that women are balloon-heads and should act as auxiliary helpers but may not contribute anything as candidates. Rove supported Sharron Angle in Nevada for 2010 election, but he probably knew she would lose.
Rove supports Bush with such agility and the defenses for his former boss just roll off his tongue (or shinny balloon- head for Rove). Sarah Palin ,Michele Bachmann and Christine O'Donnell: Matthews and Rove have no use for.
It should become obvious to head honcho Republicans and to Matthews the -ranter ,that Sarah and Michele will work right around them. Christine is getting her PAC and future together , Michele and Sarah are collecting money for their PACs and campaigns pretty much without the help of the Mister "biggies".
Someday we will be defending Palin's Fiscal Conservatism like Rove did on TV last night . Soon like in 2013 Sarah will be under attack as POTUS and Michele as senator from MN for her Tea Party leadership.

* I saw Chris Matthews on Hardball last night and he was blowing spit into his mic he was so carried away with vitriol that Bachmann and Palin should dare to disturb his one true love-Mr. BO. It usually bothers me but he was so over wrought that it became comical.

WTF Obama not a winner for the future

not a win win in the SOTU

Monday, January 24, 2011

March For Life January 2011

Martha and Mary from the Focus Pregnancy Help Center went off to March today. While some of us older and more infirm stayed home and organized BABY BLESSING BOXES. Surprise quilts and matching caps for New Borns and other needs. When the parents ask for a car seat to bring the new born home from the hospital the Focus Center supplys them. (Four last month) The hospitals supply receiving blankets and some diapers and formula; until the parents or WICK kick in ;we do that too.

The speakers at the DC Rally were very political with all the new Tea Party elected officials stopping by to make great supportive statements to the freezing crowd.
A Blessed Day.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Michele Bachmann in Iowa: National Debt - The New Slavery

Reps Michele Bachmann and Paul Ryan best describe our debts. Ryan has ROAD MAP to get out of debt. STOP SPENDING AND REPEAL DEATH CARE LAW are starters. I say get rid of Education Department. They give MANDATED REGULATIONS WHICH ARE UNFUNDED BY FEDS and left to STATES and Local governments to pay for them.

Palin understands the road maps, too. That is how she ran the Alaskan government.
Palin 2012

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What Jews and Catholics Like About Sarah Palin


*Taken from the Jews for Sarah site.

I know of no Jew or Catholic who thinks Marxism is a good form of government.Obama is a lover of Marx,Lenin et al. Obama is friends with people who adhere to the Communist Manifesto like Van Jones. Obama is close to mentors like Frances Fox Piven who says- RIOT if you need to. Piven based her whole career on the Watts Riots as a good way to fight Capitalism. She writes for the NATION.Does she still want to collapse the system ?
I have no idea why any Jews who love family values and tradition would vote for Obama. I have no idea why Catholics who are PRO LIFE would even consider an Obama for president.
For Catholics and Jews the old misconception that Democrats support them because they are victims have had their big awakening with Obama. Neither religion would flourish if the Constitution was not protecting them from Obama and his CZARS. Jews do not flourish in communist Russia and Catholics do not flourish in Obama's Muslim countries.
The prayers I say are for Obama's conversion to being protective of the innocent in the womb. Here is the Conversion Prayer
Americans have made a terrible mistake but after Obama hurts each tradition Americans hold dear they will see the light. Obama is moving into the Mr. Innocent moderate role as I write this.(actually his teleprompter speech writer). People are waiting for him to perform in their interests but of course they will be disappointed by him. No one will yell out YOU LIE at the State of the Union address. People know now he can be defeated piece by piece in the next election. No need to call him a liar it is redundant.

Palin 2012

Monday, January 17, 2011

I love it....Country Soul Harmony

My mother used to listen to this counrty harmony when I was little. The raido station was set to Wheeling, West Virginia. If I sang this she woulld harmonize with me. Now she is in Heaven I can hear her singing along.

We lived in western New York.She was a Republican I was always a Democrat. Who knows if she would vote for Sarah *smile*
Palin 2012

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Newsbuster puts everything in place with S A T I R E

Jody Miller from Newsbusters has fast delivery and wit on current events.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Palin will not apologize for America

I gave money to Gifford's opponent in the 8th Congressional District of Arizona. I used the Take Back The 20 widget on my site to click on the opponent (our Republicans). I did this for about 13 or 14 candidates Sarah suggested. The Sarah Pac ad does not show pictures of Gifford or any opponent. You have to go elsewhere to get an opponents photo. is the site which shows the candidates complete information including a photo for the 2010 Election (and every other election)
The shooter knowingly looked up his representative long before last Saturday. The killer did not need Sarah Palin to target Gifford for him. The ad* has a place in history helping us to rid Our Nation of the stronghold of Nancy Pelosi and Obama. We will continue to vociferously campaign against Obama et al. I personally will use lists or ads identifying the most Conservative Commmonsense Candidates. We do not like Socialism for America. Get used to it. Trying to win back the House in Congress should be approached from the honest votes of the population.

Get some facts then I will communicate with anyone -Socialist Democrats or Conservatives. Leave emotions out of this so that when you pray for Rep. Gifford ,who is in critical condition, you have a prayerful heart.
I am sure Sarah Palin would attend the funerals in Arizona if she were asked. It appears that she has prayed with Todd at home. They do that all of the time.
I want a POTUS who will defend America and even have a son in the armed services.We will not stand down or apologize for America.
Until then PALIN in 2012

*The ad:


Pick up your "arms" and VOTE

Unlike the New Black Panthers we do not stop people from voting nor do we carry billy-clubs to threaten violence. We say pick up your "arms" and VOTE.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


I fell asleep with CNN and Wolfie Blitzer droning on and trying to hold up his end of Obama's propaganda on the Gifford shooting in Arizona. These tactics by Obama and the WH thugs and various and sundry other Socialist Democrats from Jane Fonda to leftie lunatics will die out soon. Rep Cantor needs to start with the REPEAL of OBAMA Death Care. Obama is itching to take over this "crisis" -maybe a dash of Martial Law or maybe a pinch of no-guns. Who knows? He is an idiot supreme

We need to continue to leave Rep Gifford in the hands of Jesus. HE shows mercy to her and to others who are dying or are dead from the madman's raging attack. Tammy Bruce, radio talk show host from LA ,called for "Powerful Prayers" for Rep Gifford and others. Gifford is recovering from brain surgery. The neurologist said she has a good prognosis. PTL

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Millions say YES to Sarah ;Nugent says MAYBE

Photo by Jon C Hancock -AP

Time to chime in with Attention Ted Nugent. This is all about one more person weighing in trying to show political wisdom without a lick of political sense.
Sarah Palin has brought the Tea Party Movement and the Republican Party to where it is today. Nugent may or may not have some one other than Palin in mind for the presidency but he has one vote. We the People have the rest of them. Palin will take what she has earned in the eyes of millions of Americans. You can't change that, Ted. She has weakened Obama and as his approval rates go up you will be on your own without her. NO THANKS!
Palin 2012

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

RNC Chair Candidates YES X 5 for Winning w/Palin

RNC showed unity on the part of candidates during their debate as to whether or not Sarah Palin could beat Obama in 2012.
IMO Effete snobs with not so hidden agendas for Jeb Bush, Mitch Danaiels and what not are saying Palin cannot beat Obama. Romney thinks he can beat ???whoever. These are the Conservative Pundits who think she would fail and like in the Christine O'Donnell race they will work behind the scenes against Palin. PULL BACK THE CURTAIN and expose them.Little men like Rove and Krauthammer are revealed. Sometimes Erick Erickson,Fred Thompson,Glenn Beck,Bill Cunningham and Michael Savage fill in with their negative commentary on Palin's candidacy.

It's time for Republican/ Conservatives to write or call in support of John Boehner the House Leader. Also write and tell your own Congressional Representatives to support this week's efforts to peal back The Death Care Law. The Obama law which will kill thousands of jobs and close hundreds of Catholic Hospitals . The Hospitals and workers will refuse to perform abortions and they would rather close.

Governor Palin was correct in her first assessment and comments that Death Panels are in the Law. Death to seniors with euthanasia counseling;death by rationing care to the developmentally disabled; and the PREBORN will die in the womb with Obama stealing our tax money to pay for abortions in the US and overseas . Rationing to save money. Rationing means death to the UNDERREPRESENTED. Fight the Marxist Obama and his death laws.The GOP is ready to write bills in the House to REPEAL MARXIST DEATH GOONS.

Palin 2012

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Reagan's One Hundreth Year Celebrations

News is that Sarah Palin may visit with the best known Conservative England has ever produced, Former Prime Minister ,Margaret Thatcher.It would only seem likely that Palin should meet with her this year.
When Ronald Reagan met Margaret Thatcher
Contrast that meeting with what a Palin visit will have to react to as everyone trys to mention her name to get rich quick. Some of these are the Alaska Daily News out of Anchorage, Alaska which is the biggest paper in the state of about 600,000 people. They and a Jealous Cabal of a few Socialist Democrats from Wasilla get the most attention on the negative side. They are the "loyal opposition" to former Governor Sarah Palin and they are the loudest face of Alaska .They will conjure up all sorts of nonsense about such a meeting.

I am not sure where Alaskans are going in their future with these widely displayed negatives for their state, but Obama is pleased. He will ,as he has in the past, further the career of a few hacks working for him to thwart Sarah Palin. Palin, on the other hand is said to be improving the tourism in Alaska. She may need to visit the state of Nevada now under Harry Reid and Obama, as their tourism is dying on the vine. Both states have high unemployment but Alaska has a former governor working to turn that around. It does not work well for America to sit by and watch the hacks get rewarded. That will help to bring down Obama quest of Central Planning where everyone does the work ,pays all the taxes while they watch the elite statists favored by Obama reap the rewards.

What I see in a meeting with Margaret Thatcher is a union of women who work for Conservative Fiscal ideas whether they are in an elected office or not.
The memories of Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II will be discussed much this year as Reagan's 100 Year is celebrated. These memories are where I go to get strength as Obama trys to drag America into a Marxist Socialist dark period. I will reread John O'Sullivan (2006) The President,the Pope and the Prime Minister as they joined to rid the world of the Soviet gouging of freedom and liberties.

Sarah Palin, as she goes about her activism ,will be in the daily news and she will not allow us to dwell in those dark days for very long.

Reagan and Pope John Paul II In this photo from the Reagan Library taken by Pete Souza
I get a sense that they are into the great deep "conspiracy" to end Soviet Domination...


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

***From the TCOTREPORT
2010 Year of the Tea Party Gains : Sarah Throw That Tea! In the center of "things".