Monday, November 21, 2011

Michele Bachmann doing scores of interviews in Iowa this week

Another informative interview was on C-Span this weekend. It was with Iowa's DesMoines Register's Editorial Board. Very revealing of her deep intelligence and facile access to facts and dates of her stay in the HOUSE.Bachmann has a good grasp of these horrific first years of obama 's Socialist Democrat government.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Michele Bachmann Gets A Fair Airing on this blog

Bachmann points out the serious flaws in the GOP front leaders in this camapign for president.
Last night, "On The Record" TV show Sarah Palin was led down the garden path by Socialist Democrat and Obama water carrier Greta Van Sustern. Greta steered the interview into discussing Palin's views on how Romney, Grinch ,Paul and Cain could win in Iowa and beyond. No mention of Bachmann except to incorrectly label Michele Bachmann's only asset as that of a Social Conservative. This after Bachmann would be the only trusted candidate if elected to be able to scrub from the books the unpopular and disasterous obama care-the Death Care and Death Panel Law after the 2012 Election.I doubt even Palin could have done this,if elected. Certainly front runner Romney cannot be trusted to repeal it.Paul is too much of a loon to be able to focus on repeal and The Grinch cannot see beyond his million pages of do this do that instructions.
This ad is well placed in Bachmann's pursuiit of the Iowa Caucuses. ###

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Michele Bachmann gets a full airing on this blog.

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CBS for the debate told the moderators not to give Michele Bachmann a chance for a thrity second response and rudely cut her off unlike the blow-hards Grinch and Mittens. The media is trying to steer Republicans away from her just like the phony obama blackmail set up against Herman Cain.
I went immediately to her site and donated a large amount to her IOWA campaign for January 3 ,2012. ###

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Allred and the Bimbo branch of the Socialist Democrats

Cain "Train"

I can't wait for more bimbo-heads to come forward and tell us how Herman Cain tried to sexually abuse them. The operative word is "tried".
Herman Cain is the MOST UNSUCCESSFUL LECHER IN HISTORY. He must have scored with someone- somewhere- sometime.
Even hillbilly Billy Clinton actually got sex (rape) the goal of all lechers. Herbert must have scored with someone-somewhere-sometime.
Please come forward if Herman scored with you so we can have somemore entertainment;less boring than Newt's long list of "historical events".
In the meantime I pay for these days of "got cha" Herman Cain press conferences. I have sent him two delightful contributions for his GOP campaign.
Who are the "Machine" enemies Cain referred to in his press conference on Nov 8th? Y'all know them.

That's all folks. I am with Herman Cain!
Friends of Herman Cain
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