Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Children's War Game Rules

The Play Play President:

During the 40's all the little boys, including my brother and his friends, played war games in the backyard. There were old chicken coops which were used as barracks and what not. The guns they used were mostly western pistols that shot caps and were held in bright red holsters.Some lucky bys had bee bee gun "rifles".
I always wanted to play guns with them and got away with it until my mom called me inside and said girls did not play war games.
The rules for those war games in the back yard made up about as much sense as Obama's war games and rules for our engagement inside of Libya. Bang your dead, did not end the games. The airplanes were noises you made with your mouth going rrr rrrrr rrrr and your arms spread out for the wings of the planes.
Bang Bang !!! You're dead. The idiot on TV last night presented a war scenario which could only be appreciated by 4 and 5 year old boys ad some girls. All of the big grownup pundits saying how wonderful the Obama plan was last night are phony jerk offs. Obama made no sense but this is only a game, remember; brought to you by the boys in the neighborhood.
AP news did a fact check on the Obama liar's speech to the nation and found that Obama lied big time again ,made up rules and tried to screw the nation in 28 minutes.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's On- a Sarah Palin Tribute.

We interrupt your Sunday stupor with new energy.

Bush and Obama Discuss the Deficit

I seem to be so busy these cartoon videos clear everything up for me in simplified form.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Conservative Thought

Elect Palin 2012
Organize for Palin


Reading Dr. Sowell On A Saturday Morning

As my apt warms up and I turn on the ZOOM print to 150% I read Sowell and smile. He added to my creature comfort and made me smile as we would when a friend speaks and we listen and appreciate the dialogue.
Thank you for making my Saturday morning in western New York very pleasant. The anti-Palin bellowing disappears from my mind and your reasoning comes into focus and is simpatico with mine. Obama is trying to agitate like he is a field hand slave trying to overthrow the "plantation " owner. He wants to hurt everyone in sight and turn every thing upside down in blind rage. He has chosen chaotic tumor brained Alinsky and Cloward and Pivens to give some structure to his own madness. He wants to ram Marxist socialism down our throats.
The harbinger of the slave's revolt has been encapsulated by Toni Morrison** in some of her novels and has warned me what Obamanation would look like. Nothing he does surprises me. I would like to see him taken away in a straight jacket and impeached as he is incapacitated to rule as a sane POTUS . Article 25 is on firm ground to be used against him.
Patriots like Sowell will hold the rule of law steady as we wait for Palin in 2012 Sowell should run for office as Americans are searching for enlightenment to get us out of this mess.
**Dig into books by Toni Morrison who uncovered Post Black Slave Rage some suggestions;
*song of solomon
*bluest eye

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Libya vs. Iraq

Obama is awesome if you be a robotic moron.

Dr Charles Dunn: Krauthammer And Will Should Wisen Up on Palin

KRAUTHAMMER AND GEORGE WILL have no following . Hard to beat that. LOL

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sarah and Todd in Israel

No need to apologize or back down with Sarah as President of the United States

HotAirPundit: "Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?" Farrakhan Bla...

HotAirPundit: "Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?" Farrakhan Bla...: "Farrakhan goes on a rant on Chicago radio about Obama calling for Qaddafi to step down, this is from yesterday Louis Farrakhan with radio ..."
FOI in America will not do anything to Obama ....all hot air no bite.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Crushing crowds in any language LOVE HER IN ISRAEL!!!

Palin TV speech in India Link


Sarah Palin: America and India are a testament to the positive force of human aspirations

Thank you! Such an honor!

I appreciate getting to see some of your magnificent city - this is 1st time here & I sincerely hope it won't be my last! During my brief time here I've enjoyed India's famous "Gift for Hospitality." And next time, I want to visit the Taj Mahal with my husband, Todd. Considering how patiently he's endured during my political career & been so supportive, it would be nice to reinforce our teamwork/commitment before that monument to eternal love. Todd is here with us tonight.

When I had the honour of meeting your Prime Minister a few years ago, I expressed my admiration for your country's rich history & culture & most recent achievements! I now am humbled with this opportunity to express that to you, here, in this beautiful ancient land. This has so captured the imaginations of artists & poets & explorers throughout human history. Todd & I are honoured to be here to see the site of some of the world's oldest civilizations...the birthplace of major religions, the crossroads of the ancient "Spice Route & Silk Road".

All those precious resources of their day: spices, pepper, silk, indigo - My country was essentiallly "discovered" in the age of exploration, because Western Europeans were looking for a route to your country to exchange & enjoy those resources! (Yes, the connection between our two countries was there from the beginning!)

During the flight here, between our countries, it did not escape me that Japan lies about halfway between my Alaskan home & India. I trust you will join me in expressing solidarity with the Japanese people as they recover from such tragic events. Their determination & resiliency won't fail them. The world community stands united to offer help to them in the "Land of the Rising Sun". Thoughts and prayers are with you, Japan. Life is fragile - precious - we're in this together; may Japan know our caring heart at this time.

I've been asked to speak today about my vision for America, & share with you a little about my background.

I grew up in a very small town, perhaps like some of you (though half-a-world-away). My town's tucked between two grand mountain ranges, in a valley quite far from the avenues of political power. There, in my home state of Alaska, we're so proud of nature's beauty & our towering mountains, but certainly here relatively near the spectacular Himalayas can I appreciate an even greater sense of nature's enormity!

One of the mountains near my home (I see it everyday from my kitchen window!) is called "Pioneer Peak" - named in honour of the brave pioneers who settled our Valley just a few generations ago. By the sweat of their brow & rugged work ethic - they turned raw land into a valuable agriculture community.

I have loved my upbringing thereĆ¢€¦big family, Todd's from a big family. I was a school teacher's kid, loved sports & anything outdoor. I tell my parents the greatest gift they ever gave me was this upbringing in AK, the young, 49th state of the United States.

AK is known as the "Last Frontier" & it's a place that IS rugged & you can still feel an optimistic, pioneering spirit - like the spirit that had inspired Americans to carve a nation out of the wilderness! It was "pioneer families" - strong & hopeful - who made a good life (though not an easy one) for themselves in the Northern Wilds!

That "pioneering spirit" shaped me. It instilled in me a sense of independence & self-reliance. And: a belief in the 'Power of Ordinary People' working together to help one another.

In a small community in such a vast state (AK's about half the size of India), you learn to help your neighbour; & to help yourself. And you learn to value (& have faith in) personal freedom - especially the freedom to chart your own course! So, it was there I learned there's no limit to what you can achieve with strong work ethic. That optimism & respect for (& empowerment of) individual liberty shaped both my political beliefs & my vision for my country.

I started in politics on the local level two decades ago; inspired by a desire to serve the ordinary folks in my hometown! As a city councilman, then a city mayor, I led the fastest growing area in our state. I experienced firsthand the power & success of the free market, & the proper role of government in fostering economic growth. I cut property taxes, I invited business in & focused on building infrastructure (roads, water & sewer systems); not a lot of glamour in that - but I have a solid belief in what government's proper role is & it shouldn't be glamorous.

It's not government business to spend the working man's tax dollars recklessly - & certainly not government's business to centrally "plan" an economy & control an entrepreneurial spirit! That doesn't work. Government should lay infrastructure, level the playing field, then get out of the way. Allow the private sector to grow/thrive/create jobs & generate wealth!

Then as governor of my state, my goal was to clean up corruption & develop our rich natural resources: Our abundant oil, gas, minerals & our robust fisheries! An important project that was a 'center-point' was jumpstarting a natural gas pipeline project that had been stalled for decades. We brought all stakeholders together for mutual benefit - our state, the energy industry, our neighboring country, consumers & together with ordinary citizens (who are the resource owners) & major energy producers who 'bid on the right to develop our resources', AK was finally able to move forward on a project that can help lead America towards energy independence.

Through my work in AK (as an oil & gas regulator, then as governor), I've seen firsthand how energy development, job creation & national security are inextricably linked. Access to affordable, reliable energy is the key to economic growth, which is the key to job growth. Securing that stable domestic supply of fuel will lead to a more peaceful & prosperous America - an America that's not subject to the whims of foreign dictators who could cut off energy supplies & seek to control.

Of course, energy issues are critical to the whole world's stability & economic opportunities! By 2030, the world's energy consumption will increase by 50% & almost half of that will come from here in India & from China. We all face similar challenges in this arena & this makes America's quest for energy security all the more crucial as we seek to stabilize our economy, secure our homeland & cooperate with our allies who would also seek peace on earth.

Energy is key! My vision for a free & prosperous America has much to do with energy.

Now, we hear a lot about "green energy" today. And I am a true believer in environmental conservation & responsible stewardship of our lands. (It's why I live in AK! A pristine environment to be passed on to future generations - I don't want to mess it up! I am a conservationist. I married into an Alaska native family, where Todd's connection to the land through his Yupik Eskimo heritage, an indigenous people, reinforces my respect for God's creation. And we've made our living off the land - as commercial fishermen & Todd working in North Slope oil fields - so we don't want to mess it up!)

So, I'm in favour of "all-of-the-above" approach to energy security. But "all-of-the-above" means including "conventional" resources! That means, the kind we actually use to reliably fuel our economy. That means crude oil, for example. And our natural gas, our coal, nuclear power.

Unfortunately, some have stymied resource development - like responsible domestic oil drilling. As a result, hundreds of thousands of well-paying jobs won't be created in the U.S. until we change course; it means Americans get hit with huge gas prices at the pump unless we change course; it means we're continuing to transfer hundreds of billions of U.S. dollars to foreign regimes to purchase energy from them - regimes that don't have our best interests at heart.

And I'm not just talking about gasoline here. Remember that 'petroleum products' are all around you! Look at your everyday surroundings - the foodstuffs; the agriculture products grown with fertilizer; the plastics all around you; medical supplies; the transportation of all these products. It's not just gas that increases as the price of crude increases: Everything is affected. Basic commodities.

So as government locks up land & we lose good jobs in the 'Conventional Resource' arena, you may hear that "green jobs" will be the saviour! But look around the world & try telling that to the thousands of English & Scottish workers who've lost jobs as a result of government investments in "green energy" projects. A recent UK study shows that for every "green job" created, nearly four jobs were lost elsewhere in the economy due to lack of affordable energy! Same story in Spain - investment in "green jobs" brought massive debt, skyrocketing energy costs & 20% unemployment.

This push for 'green' at the expense of 'conventional, reliable' sources is not a credible energy policy or economic policy. It's "Social Engineering" by Central Government Planners. And it leads to nothing but more debt & more job loss. And taxpayers will be stuck subsidizing the failure and paying more for energy.

The good news is there's a choice/another option! Instead of funding non-viable special interest projects, Americans can capitalize on our own viable resources that are just waiting to be tapped - they're right on our doorstep! Billions of barrels of oil warehoused underground in AK!

And so much natural gas - Clean, green, affordable! Easy to transport, abundant across the U.S. - Whether used conventionally, or to power natural gas cars, or run power plants that charge electric cars, natural gas is an ideal "bridge fuel" to the future. (A future when renewable gas can someday become more available, reliable & affordable.)

I warn Americans so often: it's a 'false, utopian fairytale' told that would want you to believe we don't need to drill for oil today. No, government manipulating energy supplies? Manipulating any aspect of an economy - it leads to more people becoming more dependent upon government to meet needs - it is social engineering, it's immoral, & it's a problem we-the-people must be brave enough to take on.

Our need for energy independence is only one of the strategic challenges we face today. The other is an unsustainable government debt which hampers economic growth.

On this: there are no "easy" solutions, but there are "simple" ones, if we just apply courage & political will to confront the problem squarely. Obviously, we need to stop digging the hole we're in; cut spending; cut government back down to size; get rid of overly-burdensome regulations. And most of all, we need job growth! And that won't come from 'top-down government planning'! It'll come from the 'Free Market Ingenuity' of ordinary American entrepreneurs!

To release creative energy, we need to do on a national level what President Ronald Reagan did in the 1980's. It's what I believed in as a 'Reforming Mayor & Governor' in my state, because I want the free economic choices of ordinary men & women to power the marketplace - rather than distant bureaucrats thinking they can plan & grow an economy by "government decree". (That just doesn't work!)

I know you understand this, because in the early 1990's, due to clear, commonsense, pro free-market reforms, India's economy took off!

You abolished import licenses; cut import duties; removed investment caps & broke the union's grip on industry.

You unleashed the creativity & hard work of the Indian people; you turned away from a system where 'Central Government' sets targets for all sectors of the economy, to a system that lets the market set its own targets. That works.

People no longer speak of India as a "struggling economy" as they would have 30 years ago. Today we speak of India as a "dynamic & vibrant economy". You empowered individuals & in doing so, you've reminded America of the free, entrepreneurial model that made our country great, prosperous & exceptional!

See, if we unshackle the creative energy of our workers, & entrepreneurs, there is no reason in the world why we can't get back to rapid growth & prosperity!

Friends: some people want to claim that the geopolitical stage is 'so changing' & some actually claim 'America is in decline'. "The United States," they'd say, "will soon be a shadow of its former self." I completely reject this! It represents wrong-headed thinking by some friends & wishful thinking by our enemies! America's demise has been predicted before. It didn't happen then. It won't happen now.

No, America is not in decline! What is in decline? It is the idea of a 'Tax-&-Spend, Centralized Bureaucracy' that has brought America to the point of debt & deficits in the first place. These "Big Government" ideas are once again being consigned to the ash heap of history - though they won't go quietly to the grave.

From the beginning: my faith has never been in Big Govt. My faith is in the American people, & we are turning things around!

All great nations face the challenges that come with a changing economy, demographics, & new technologies. The nations that succeed in the face of these challenges are the ones that show innovation & ingenuity - & will empower a free power! These qualities are the hallmarks of the "American Experience" & the unique strengths of the American people.

My vision for my country is a strong America that unleashes those strengths & confidently engages in leadership in the world & can welcome the healthy competition & partnership of rising economic powers in a democracy, like India.

The relationship between our countries could shape the course of the next century! Tilting it in the direction of free people & free markets! The future lies with us! We're half-a-world apart geographically, but connected with much in common!

We both have deep & historical 'democratic traditions'. We are the world's most diverse, tolerant & dynamic societies. Our peoples enjoy very close ties (& in recent years our governments have been catching up!) There are few limits to what India & America can do together to allow a more peaceful & prosperous world.

Tragically, we have both been the targets of terrorism. We have both witnessed the courage of our people in combating terror. Both our peoples want it defeated.

And we both want to ensure that China's rise is peaceful - while hedging against risks that it could be otherwise.

We both want to expand trade & investment with allies in a liberal international order that will soon boast India as its fastest-growing major economy.

Our diplomatic, military & political ties are deepening, because we have a genuine strategic partnership! But it is our people who are driving this relationship!

Indian entrepreneurs are investing in the U.S., even as U.S. businesses expand here.

Indian students are throughout American universities & more Americans seek to study here - including through an expanded Fulbright programme.

Our tech companies are working together in impressive ways. And our ethical partnerships could transform both our development trajectories.

Our ties & bonds are deep! And they're not driven so much by "political leadership summits" & bureaucrats - they're driven by free people & free markets! That's why there are no natural limits to the future of U.S.- India relations. And that is why the world's largest democracies - NOT its largest autocracy - will lead the 21st century.

We will lead because we are on the side of empowering individuals to make choices for themselves. Not government /not some New World Order organization making decisions & decrees for us.

We are on the side of religious tolerance & women's rights! (And in recent years, India has helped lead by example in the area of women's education by narrowing the gender gap in women's literacy. You've helped remind the world that a culture cannot advance when it holds back half its creative & intellectual power!)

And its political power! I admire India's tradition of strong women leaders - at home & abroad! In fact, last year, I had the honour of supporting a strong American woman of Indian descent when I endorsed the candidacy of South Carolina's new governor - their first female - Nikki Haley!

I met Nikki's parents & was impressed by their story, work ethic! And, by Nikki's upbringing that led her to become part of a 'grassroots movement in American politics' that's known as "The Tea Party"! (I'm proud to be a part of this movement as well.)

The "Tea Party" is named after that famous event in American politics that was a precursor to our Independence! In 1773, when American patriots were upset about British taxes, they dumped tea into the Boston Harbor. (The British had forced a monopoly on the American people that prevented us from importing tea from anyone but the British East India Company. See, even back then we believed in free trade!) Today's "Tea Party" is a strong & vibrant movement in the U.S. & it's only going to grow & become more influential!

India Conclave: the theme of this conference is the "Changing Balance of Power". Well, the present day Tea Party is a perfect example of that! It's all about the empowerment of ordinary, everyday, independent patriots who are rising up & making their voices heard to positively change the "Balance of Power"! To protect our U.S. Constitution & live out our Declaration of Independence!

It reminds our 'Central Govt' that our Constitution gives great power to our 50 individual states - and to individual citizens - & that these powers (these God-given 'RIGHTS') aren't to be trampled on.

The "Changing Balance of Power" throughout the world today is driven by the empowerment of the individual - & mankind's desire for freedom!

The American people understand this. And India understands this, too.

Back home in AK, where the fresh snow blankets the ground today, where my kids texted me to report they see a Mama Moose & her two baby calves outside our door by the firewood pile: There at home, I have a beautiful pencil drawing on my kitchen wall. A framed drawing by Robin Coran. It's a picture of Mother Teresa, of Calcutta. She's holding a precious child (a baby).

It was said of Mother Teresa that "perhaps the greatest message she has given to the world is the value & dignity of human life!" From India, she was able to share this crucial message with the world! And it is a crucial message because the freedom & empowerment of the individual is rooted in an understanding of every man & woman's inherent dignity & worth! I looked at the picture as I typed out this speech on my home computer set up there in the kitchen.

I was struck with this: Countries that deny that message of individual worth (& destiny) inevitably stifle their own advancement because the fire of human progress is sparked by the aspirations of ordinary men & women seeking a better life!

These simple "working class" aspirations for a good job, a home, a good education for our children are what motivate economic progress & positive change! Not bureaucrats! Not 'Central Planners'! Not government decrees! Just hard-working women & men seeking the freedom to chart their own course & succeed by their own merits!

When people realise even the briefest glimpse of this freedom & opportunity - even a hint that they can succeed through honest hard work - they run towards it! They embrace the promise of "better days ahead!" They will sacrifice today for a better tomorrow for their children & grandchildren. With individual responsibility, drive & determination, they will work together to carve a life for themselves out of the wilderness!

They'll voluntarily contribute to help their neighbours even those half-a-world-away!

That's the 'Optimistic/Pioneering Spirit of America's Frontier'! That's the spirit of India's progress too.

America has long been famous for our rags-to-riches stories. Now India is, too. Take pride in this - it's inspiring! Together, as the worlds' largest democracies, we are a testament to the positive force of human aspirations!

Today, all across the world, we see individuals, "ordinary" men & women, rising up/moving to advance (& a great tool they're using in this 'demand of human rights' is social media).

We don't know where all of this will lead. But we should look at it as opportunity to advance the cause of human freedom - not naively, but optimistically.

Friends: our two democracies understand this struggle for freedom. It's the struggle of those who defiantly dumped tea in Boston Harbor to protest a British tea tax. & it's the struggle of those who courageously marched to the seacoast near Don-dee to make their own salt in defiance of a British salt tax!

This hunger for 'Freedom & Opportunity' is proof that what we call the "American Dream" is not just "American." It is the universal dream of people everywhere! I believe it's created within us! And that is where the march for freedom has found its most eager advocates: 'ordinary people' who have 'extraordinary determination' to seek justice & make a better life for their families. This is as true in AK, as in Andhra Pradesh.

Half-a-world-apart? And yet we are connected by this.

My 'Vision for America' is one of a country that lives that dream! And, in turn, inspires & empowers women & men around the world to live it, too! We can lead by example.

What America can show the world is what is possible - the potential of human possibilities when women & men are freeĆ¢€¦Yes, may we be free!

Thank you & God bless you!


Friday, March 18, 2011

Meet the Liberal Elite!

filing my nails

Media Blackout of Palin In India

Obama Owned State Media aka Lame Stream Media has a blackout of Palin's Visit to India.

Check out Palin TV for coverage of the Palin Visit to India. India's government said she was traveling as a private citizen so they would have NO comment.

India Welcomes Governor Palin

Slime Lawyer and his minion Salazar

Impeach Obama for the unconstitutional Gulf Oil Moratorium.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

54 Loyal HOUSE GOP who voted NO to DeathCare Funding

Loyal to Tea Party Movement to DEFUND OBAMA!

Here’s the full list of House Republicans who voted against the three-week CR :

Todd Akin (Missouri)
Justin Amash (Michigan)
Michele Bachmann (Minnesota)
Roscoe Bartlett (Maryland)
Joe Barton (Texas)
Dan Benishek (Michigan)
Dan Burton (Indiana)
John Campbell (California)
Steve Chabot (Ohio)
Jason Chaffetz (Utah)
Jeff Duncan (South Carolina)
Jeff Flake (Arizona)
John Fleming (Louisiana)
Trent Franks (Arizona)
Scott Garrett (New Jersey)
Phil Gingrey (Georgia)
Louie Gohmert (Texas)
Trey Gowdy (South Carolina)
Tom Graves (Georgia)
Ralph Hall (Texas)
Andy Harris (Maryland)
Dean Heller (Nevada)
Tim Huelskamp (Kansas)
Bill Huizenga (Michigan)
Tim Johnson (Illinois)
Walter Jones (North Carolina)
Jim Jordan (Ohio)
Steve King (Iowa)
Raul Labrador (Idaho)
Doug Lamborn (Colorado)
Jeffrey Landry (Louisiana)
Billy Long (Missouri)
Connie Mack (Florida)
Thaddeus McCotter (Michigan)
Mick Mulvaney (South Carolina)
Ron Paul (Texas)
Steve Pearce (New Mexico)
Mike Pence (Indiana)
Joseph Pitts (Pennsylvania)
Ted Poe (Texas)
Denny Rehberg (Montana)
Scott Rigell (Virginia)
Dennis Ross (Florida)
Jean Schmidt (Ohio)
Christopher Smith (New Jersey)
Steve Southerland (Florida)
Cliff Stearns (Florida)
Marlin Stutzman (Indiana)
John Sullivan (Oklahoma)
Scott Tipton (Colorado)
Tim Walberg (Michigan)
Joe Walsh (Illinois)
Allen West (Florida)
Joe Wilson (South Carolina)


Sarah Palin - North to Alaska

Impossible to stop Sarah Palin. She vowed to work to keep America Exceptionalism with or without a title.

Sarah Palin - North to Alaska

Impossible to stop Sarah Palin. She vowed to work to keep America Exceptionalism with or without a title.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Dana Perino: It's Interesting How Obama Says Things That Are So Quickly ...

To find where we are at this point in the Obama era LOOK AT A MAP /pictures in your Alice In Wonderland book and you will find the USA.

The Gov and the Judge

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Poll Confirms America’s Entitlement Culture…Even Among Tea Partiers

Poll Confirms America’s Entitlement Culture…Even Among Tea Partiers I am in the Tea Party and I want entitlements to end.

I wanted an individual Social Security Account the first time I heard President George Bush mention it. It would garner individual control of your Social Security contributions. Even a small percentage put into the Stock Market would yield more money in payments to us when we retire. This would work best for new members of the labor force. Older seniors among us would continue on the present system and distribution of retirement funds.
The Socialist Democrats would have none of this solution because it would take away their control of older citizens. This from them even though the system today is a losing proposition.

I have no idea what medicare is and I pay into it every month. $90 something dollars. I was told to pay into it and I have no idea if my contributions do anything. Social Security office workers told me to pay into it and so I do. Sounds stupid , eh? I just cannot bother with worrying about it. Ignorance is bliss. I cannot even promise myself to look into it. My Social Security worker has since resigned and calling the office for explanations make me just as dumb as I was before I called. Enough.
Sarah Palin would not like to see elders lose their present Social Security checks but approves more of the Individual Accounts. Her faith is in Rep Paul Ryan's
for our future.
Palin 2012

North To Alaska then east to DC

Friday, March 11, 2011

Planned Parenthood Exposed

Pigs on review. Obama Whores.

The PJ Tatler » Rep. Keith Ellison wrote that the Constitution is evidence of a racist conspiracy

The PJ Tatler » Rep. Keith Ellison wrote that the Constitution is evidence of a racist conspiracy

Throw Ellison in the Tower of London. Or the Bastille. Oh wait . This is America. The land that he does not love, nor does he stand beside her.

That's all folks. Donald Duck makes more sense than Ellison or Obama. Of course Donald Duck is more American.

Sarah Palin with Sean Hannity: Unions and more

Both Sarah and Todd belong to UNIONS.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hammertime: The New Tone

Moxie from Socialist Foul Mouthed Democrats.

Not good for children or other sentient beings.

Obama To Be Removed From Office By 25th Amendment?

Impeach Obama using 25th Amendment for incapacitation . Also articles for Impeachment stated in Amendments 2,3,4 Sections 4,3, 4 respectively.
Write to the Speaker of the HOUSE where these articles begin in committee to impeach Obama. I wrote to Rep Tom Reed. He seems to think we sent him to Washington to build roads in central New York State. He is my problem You need to write to your own representative.
Long Live Sarah Palin 2012

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Best From Michael Savage to Sarah Palin

Good news for Sarah Palin .
Savage got support from Lt Col Rep Allen West (R-Fla)who called for England to lift ban on Savage so he may visit.


3-5-11 Sarah Palin and Judge Jeanine Part 1 of 2

3-5-11 Sarah Palin and Judge Jeanine Part 2 of 2

Palin on Fox Business:I am a Federalist

Site for the Federalist Papers and Site for The Constitution and the 10th Amendment:

Sarah answers the question that were she to be the POTUS would she interfere with Unions and state negotiations as Obama has done? Her reply is NO. I AM A FEDERALIST. Then she refers to the 10th Amendment.

Video is about how a Common Sense Constitutionalist thinks and acts.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mark Levin: I Hope Sarah Palin Runs for President

THE GREAT ONE as Mark Levin is known can't mention Sarah Palin enough.
Michael Savage is holding out hope for Donald Trump and Glenn Beck will vote for Ron Paul as he told Judge Napolitano. Bill O'Reilly and Chris Matthews are enamored with Obambam. But it is early for O'Reilly.He was told by Sarah Palin on March 4th to stop interrupting her so his interview could sound more like a real conversation because of the delay of 4 seconds from New York to Alaska.

Other West Coast velvet throated radio personalities are Tammy Bruce and her new little brother. She is solid for Palin and "Johnnydontlike",her new kid brother, is for NEWT but would go for Palin as second choice.
Newt is dead in the water after his coming out party announcing on Hannity that he is running for the office.Hannity has been pushing for Newt all along.
Mittens has a few RINOS but who cares?
Jeb Bush is running for Obama's Secretary of Education. Another good reason to close that department down.
The best I can say about Chris Christie is a snarky remark I read: He Has Not Seen His Feet In Ages. Well that would be OK but like my overweight Congressman Tom Reed 29th R NYS he will have a heart attack if pushed too far and too fast. Reed had to delay his term for awhile when he went to DC and passed out from a moving mass to his heart.

Please note that these are the news personalities I watch and listen to.

Thinking about Sarah's plentiful array of Vice Presidential candidates ,I have gone from Michele Bachmann, John Bolton , Herman Cain,looked over Rudy Giuliani and ended with Lt Col Rep. Allen West of Florida.

I also know the Republican Primary is self weeding and directed by the WILL OF WE THE PEOPLE.

Organize for Palin is stirring in the land and I pray for good health to join with them.

Friday, March 4, 2011

March not so much in like a Lamb

United States Constitution 1/3

Audio reading of the US CONSTITUTION

Trent Franks calls for Obama impeachment over DOMA


Read Article 2,3,4 Sections 4,3,4 respectively of the US CONSTITUTION.

US CONSTITUTION Find a copy of it and Federalist Papers.

Michele Bachmann exposes $105 billion in hidden Obamacare funding

Become outraged that funding for Death Care Law was passed and the Congress did not even know it last March. SIGN THE PETITION from Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota's 6th District. Get your own Congressman to back her and sponsor her bills. .
This Law is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. OBAMA ,Reid and Pelosi know it. The only way they can get this piece of stench through the Congress is to be furtive little rats. Obama has seven days to comply with the Federal Judge's ruling from Florida. This bill is unconstitutional . Sign The Petition. It is unlawful to fund an unconstitutional law.
Even a piece of stench from the White House has to comply with the HIGHEST LAWS OF THE LAND.Every two bit criminal knows he is breaking the law.
WE THE PEOPLE are starting to express our grievances through an investigation of IMPEACHMENT ARTICLES against Obama. Already started are suggestions from Representative Franks.In an interview Rep Franks was asked about another FEDERAL LAW PASSED BY CONGRESS WITH WHICH OBAMA IS NOT COMPLYING. DOMA or Defense of Marriage Act will not be followed by Obama or the US Attorney General Eric Holder.They have stated this.
Holder and Obama are running over Federal Law. They are part of the felons in the White House. They both are mentioned for IMPEACHMENT.

Constitution : Article 2 Section 4. We do not have to be an elected official to know and follow what is in the Constitution. Once we read it and understand that Obama, Holder et al are committing a felony we notify our own HOUSE Representatives to start writing the Articles of Impeachment.
Section 4 of Article 2 states: "The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason , Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors."
If we break a Federal Law (HIGH CRIMES) and are convicted then we are not Impeached but sent to a Federal Prison. With the president et al they are removed from office after conviction. Send Obama away from the highest office of our land. He is a disgrace. You cannot get away with crimes in the dead of night or in declaring your non-compliance in broad daylight.
Both ways of committing crimes infuriate me.I have asked my Congressman in the 29th District to join the Tea Party Caucus under Michele Bachmann and to investigate the crimes Obama is committing.

I stand with Representatives Franks and Bachmann.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

All American Woman 2012

Sarah Palin cleans up good-as the expressions goes. Gina Gershon and Tina Fey not so much. More ughs.

Impeach Obama and Holder

Throw the book at them. The book is the Constitution of the United States.The House will write the Articles of Impeachment. Obama will have no say in the matter except to defend his sorry ...... The Senate may not even need to have a SUPER MAJORITY for Impeachment

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


LOL Where has this video been all of my life . WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO

Fox News Suspends Contracts with Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum

Sarah Palin will take her time to make any decisions. Carry on and join her best foot forward with this group.

Teachers Teach the Correct Preamble Or Get Fired

There are 7 Articles, 27 Amendments and ONE PREAMBLE to the United States Constitution!
Socialist teaching our children do not get to have children recite a Preamble they made up.See Glenn Beck Show for details of teachers as goons when it comes to teaching actual US History.

This is what the PREAMBLE is :

WE THE PEOPLE of the United States , in Order to form a more perfect Union,establish Justice,insure domestic Tranquility,provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Check with your school to make sure this is what is being taught. Some freak socialist who follow the anti American nit wit in the White House insert the "rights' to free health care and free housing .

You cannot leave your children to be taught correctly by Socialist NEA or AFT UNION teachers.
I HAVE LONG BEEN AN ADVOCATE OF HOMESCHOOLING. When I was in charge of a Kindergartner for 6 months I applied for the curriculum to teach her at home.
It is fun if you love little kiddies. You learn right along with them.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wisconsin GOP Senator Glenn Grothman chased, trapped by hecklers, saved ...

Glenn Beck said this would happen. Months ago. He is now saying just be peaceful there is an end to this.

Government Unions Gone Wild!

Glenn Beck of Fox News Radio says stand up with Peace and Love.

I am more inclined to say: Stay home if you don't expect to clench your fist and defend yourself. Fight on Garth.

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1-Unflattering photo from New York Times Magazine on Karl Rove
2-Jenna Bush
3-Reminder Rove got Coons(D-DE) elected to US Senate

Goddangit, Baby, We're Making Good Time
Rove helped put Chris Coons in the US SENATE!
This hit piece on Karl Rove is not worth defending. After Rove gave the Senate majority away to the Socialist Democrats he is no longer listened to as a voice of the people in the Tea Party Movement. He has been chastised and boycotted on TWITTER and turned off when it is announced he is coming on Fox Cable News. His puffy face is not needed and his pride is not for us or the Republican Party but for himself.
Like Ann Coulter , he has outlived his helpfulness in getting Conservatives elected and to getting our country back from the Marxist-One.He like, Ann Coulter, get a negative ball rolling to defeat some of our best candidates and that ball moves just as swiftly as a positive one.
He is done.
She is done.
I am not sure anything good can come from this article which is inside the mind of a fat mistress wielding Nerd.