Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tea Party Nation Updates

The Tea Party Nation 's Las Vegas Convention is now on again but the dates are for October 14 through October 16. It will be held at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas (pictured here). For more information join the Tea Party Nation and get their TPN Newsletter. The Tea Party is a privately owned name and will be hosting the convention with a group called FREE AMERICA.
Until they publish a full agenda with speakers and activities in a few weeks there is not a final word on who will speak there besides Lou Dobbs, I am sure,though, it will be a chance to meet up with Sharron Angle the Nevada Republican Senate Candidate and a host of other Conservative speakers. The original idea was to hold the convention in Las Vegas to show support to the depressed Harry Reid state . Obamanism further attacked Las Vegas earlier this year by telling people to stay away from gambling and vacationing in Las Vegas.
We are all aware of the many gaffes this administration is making and the disastrous financial ruins they have caused in Nevada and America in general.
One of the reasons I joined as many Tea Party Movement groups as I could was to keep up the pressure on Obamanism and to work with groups who are doing the same. The First National Tea Party Convention was held in Nashville, Tennessee and featured Governor Sarah Palin as speaker. It drew hundreds of world wide press and got the movement off to a good start. Tea Party Patriots are being attacked now by Obamansim media but the issue of racism is really moot. The Tea Party events will be stronger than ever. The administration is trying to cause Arizona to lose financial support too by supporting boycotts of the state. I hope the TPN will hold another Convention there soon.
Hope you make it to Vegas in October; what happens in Vegas will certainly spread to the rest of the nation.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

The SACLU Amicus Brief Defends No Borders With Mexico

Let's help Governor Jan Brewer .She is trying to protect not only the borders of Arizona but the people from marauding bands of drug traffickers who are killing Arizonans. They also are destroying the state's rightful land at the borders. In the meantime she has a temporary injunction from enforcing a law which would have safely solved that problem. Who is stopping her? Slick here for one.

The SACLU (add Southern to their title) is known by their other name - American Civil Liberties Union. The "Union" went to court in Phoenix yesterday with other slicks from the Attorney General's office. They all defended the rights of people that everyone is calling "citizens" of the United States but who are not.They are ILLEGAL ALIENS.
Not so fast, Slick.You just keep on licking your ice cream cones and leaving territory fought for and won by the United States unprotected. I hear there are one million people from the United States retiring in Mexico. Maybe that is where Slick should go after he is done giving us unwanted open borders and millions of more people to give real citizen's benefits to. There are wonderful people south of our border;but that is just it -they are south of it.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Constitutional Crisis : Report From New York State

The Disclosure Act sponsored in part by Sen.Chuck Schumer(D-NY) has failed. Freedom of speech in political campaigns has again been restored to the First Amendment .
Rep. Louise Slaughter like Schumer is from New York State. She was so pleased when the Socialist Democrats, with her help ,could jam any bill through for passage after they successfully pushed the Death Care Bill into Law. The main problem is that Schumer and Slaughter will be re-elected . The people in the Rochester area of New York are just like everyone else in the nation. We do not approve of the Death care Law but do not have enough votes to get rid of the two sponsors of crisis after crisis.

The Electoral College is being bypassed by several state legislatures. Massachusetts passed a bill to bypass the Constitutional way of electing presidents. This will allow for the removal the College and a direct election by the popular votes on election day.See the article here.
New York State is in a vulnerable position and the MA.diseases may spread here.The only glimmer of hope on the horizon is the candidate for governor of NY ,
Carl Paladino.He will break the strong hold the Socialist Democrats have on New York. In the meantime ,keep an eye on Schumer and Slaughter ;they try to take away more power from the PEOPLE every month.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Getting Real :My Choice for VP Consideration in 2012

Here is one of the two people I have on my wish list for the VP position for Governor Sarah Palin in 2012. It is Lt.Col Allen West and he has 99 days to win a House of Representative's seat this November; then I hope his name will be Palin's list too. What a great team they would make.

Hear Allen West speak. I watched his U-tube speeches about three months ago from a Tea Party Rally. The Tea Party Movement supports him whole heartily. I was amazed at the force he used to present Conservative Constitutionalist's ideas for our country. He was supported by Governor Palin early on. Palin 's endorsements represent what our country needs. The Socialist Democrats try to pass off their candidates as Conservative but look for our Union's label. It will mention the words C O N S T I T U T I O N. That is how you tell who is the authentic Conservative candidate. We will not let this administration form the "rules" for 2012 . They do not get a say in what the Republican Party stands for or what the Tea Party Movement is all about. Allen West breaks up their campaign to malign anyone who does not agree with Obama's agenda. West breaks into pieces and almost single handily smashes the Socialist Obama agenda. He would,IMO, help in taking back our country by 2012.This is all part of making our nation great once again.

The people of Florida rushed to give him contributions and he is ahead in the polls. Listen to his speeches and go to his site. He is running from a district on Florida's east coast. Check out his site's map for the Congressional District. His site is here.

Monday, July 26, 2010

July 2010 All About Cute Trig Palin

From my Facebook Comments to Sarah Palin's Page:
I am a retired Special Education Learning Disabilites classroom teacher.
I look at how Trig has grown stronger in each and every one of his pictures since he was first photographed. He has had growth bcause he is from a loving , nurtuting and TEACHNG family.
That is your job, Sarah and Todd. To teach him , to hold him and to nurture him.
It is weird but I wonder if thousands who see you pictured with him makes him know how much he is loved by America. Every child grows and learns at different rates. He has been an exceptional learner to me.
After every picture of him there are comments like how much we adored seeing his little white framed glasses and how happy he looked sitting on your lap while you read to him or kissed him. We commented on how proud Todd looked to be holding Trig.
So you see that is what We the People have been thinking all of this time. Maybe you did not know this Sarah but now you do.
I read blogs and comments from the other side and thought about how much they reminded me of looking at the scene of an accident. How shocked we are to see the accident that we stare. We look at the Lame Stream Media and wonder how off beat they are.

Not to worry; keep faith in the real world.

PALIN 2012.
Picture of Palin speaking for PRO*LIFE.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Journo-List Against Palin

Mission Accomplished:Encouraging sudden death campaign tactics against Palin during the 2008 campaign. They edited tapes so you could not discern or believe what you saw in a video as truth.

CNN and other lame stream media won so they can act unethically again. What conclusions do you draw if not that they will do it again?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Grounds For Impeachement -Not Protecting The States

Obama's Fed Lawyers want to have sole control of the Immigration Laws so they can ignore them and leave the border states unprotected.
Not protecting the states is unconstitutional and grounds for impeachment. See that Meghan Kelly from Fox News who could not agree with Tom Tancredo that Obama should be impeached. Good luck with that Obama.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Great American Patriot -Andrew Breitbart

Great American for his exposing of ACORN and The Obama Connection in video and audio. Founder of
Andrew has protected the American Patriot Tea Party Movement since its earliest days. I follow him on TWITTER @AndrewBreitbart. His TWITTER page exposes SEIU and other useful idiots who try to malign him with their tweets.

Andrew recently offered $100,000 to anyone who could produce audio or video evidence of Tea Party Patriots calling Rep.John Lewis the "N" word. Of course no one could produce such a tape as evidence.None exists nor did the event. Lewis should not try to follow despots like Obama or Pelosi,the less than nimble Speaker of the House. Lewis needs to stand alone in truth as he did during the Civil Rights Days. Obama capitalizes on emotional people and events which will cause the most division in our country-racial divisions. Pelosi caters to this ignorance and Lewis followed the same emotional path that will end no where.

White people like myself are not going to follow the righteous days of the Civil Rights movements and the early bravery of John Lewis and then as adults run out into the streets to take part in a race war. OBAMA WAS NOT PART OF THOSE EARLY DAYS NOR DOES HE UNDERSTAND THEM . He does not understand the true heart of the American Patriot . He is a divider as they say and not a uniter. The American Greatness will go on without Obama. Obama is a Marxist like his mother and father and grandparents. Marxists wish for America to implode. It will never happen. We are guided by God's justice and not the fallacy ridden Marxist "justice".

Note:Thank Andrew , wherever you see him.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Obama' s Mess (From Drudge Report Article)

America was making real progress pre-Obama. He has an old fashioned Chicago Street Thug method to race relation problems. He belongs back on the streets with the New Black Panther Party . What they see on the street about America's race relations is a very small myopic view of reality.
Someone, who is looking at their world through a welfare check thanks to Socialist Democrats insistence on living large on entitlements, is a someone who is being denied full liberty and freedom a productive life can bring. Obama is going the wrong way and he is bringing with him a Black Community that was making progress through rightful ,strong thinking and hard work.
Looking back from 1950's to the present I see he has added nothing to the contributions and advancements Blacks have made. When viewed through an old fashioned communist gauze of the present NAACP it is obvious they too are bringing relations to a faulty end.
We can work around the NAACP, the New Black Panther Party, the Communist Party of America and even the Obama mess.
In a week or so Obama will address a conference of Black Youth. They will know this slick dude in front of them is hot air and braggadocio. I taught Black youth for over 25 years. They, more than any youth, know when they are being taken. They can get the same advice from a hustler on the corner. Unless Obama offers each and everyone of them a job for the rest of the summer they will sense a wasted day. Black Youth have an unemployment rate of 40% this summer. They see that their prospects are dim with Obama.In their minds they may turn his "in your face" strategy on him.
I am optimistic that as soon as he is gone I will again be able to give to the Negro College Fund both a contribution of money and best wishes for educational endeavors. That was the name of the fund given by the NAACP not me. Their work was top notch when not embroiled with Obama's politics.
The mess Obama has created is sickening.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New York State Has A New Choice For Governor

Carl Paladino has great credentials for this campaign in New York State HERE. He is on TV with his ads early and often. It made me check him out this morning. He evidently is endorsed by Tea Party movement. More on the endorsements later.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Man Who Revives Us All -Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck, at what he called his FINAL REVIVAL told the audience and his Insider Extreme closed circuit viewers that he has an eye disease that may leave him blind. He has millions of prayers now and for as long as he may need them.
One of the saddest parts of the afternoon was when Glenn said he will no longer be able to read. He brought many tears when he turned to his wife and said he may no longer be able to see her but that he will keep her image in his mind forever.
He is in good humor as he does all of his shows today.

A Glenn Beck Message...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Governing Without Our Consent

What are they smiling about?

Grievance taken from the Declaration of Independence and something we face today
."For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent!" Against the dictator of the hour.

Friday, July 16, 2010

New sights and sounds from the Gulf Coast

The media under penalty of fines was told not to be on the beaches or take Aerial shots of the oil spill. Reporters have skirted the demand (a felony) in this video.
Perhaps the administration knew about the damage that freedom of the press was already doing. Some have said it is a cover up of a worker's death in the sand. Death from the toxic gasses in the oil: Methane and Benzedrine in large unhealthy doses in the air. Some others have pointed out this is not the days of Katrina on the Gulf Coast and the daily public viewings of the disaster.

Young Man In A Hurry

The hopes of finding a virtuous man for the job of POTUS are diminishing with each day. Obama was elected without full disclosure and analysis as to who he was or where he came from. It is too late with our form of government to turn back.

My thoughts are that he has taken the majority of grievances from the last lines of the Declaration of INDEPENDENCE and inflicted what they say on us in 2008,2009 and 2010.
234 years later we are like the early colonialists including the Founders trying to ward off King George. They expressed what was happening to them in a written declaration. Reread :Declaration of Independence here.There are some items that do not apply but most of them do. As I read my copy of them last night it became obvious that we are confronted by the same list . Obama is not of "royalty" like King George evidently was. But he is as despotic as George and as worrisome. He attacked us and the Tea Party Patriots who tried to redress their complaints by attending Townhall meetings and marching in the street with posters addressing their (OUR) complaints. The NAACP and the Obama army of SEIU thugs and New Black Panther Party paramilitary thugs think it is about them- about alleged cases of racism. Americans in the Tea Party movement do not have time to reopen old wounds from the sporadic and violent days of exhibiting racism in America. Since 1787 and the Northwest Ordinance right thinking Americans have tried to end slavery and in doing so end the unequal treatments of Blacks in our midst. Not to mention the whole Civil War to help end inequality.
Sitting around pretending are those that want us to forget there were Ordinances and Proclamations, a civil war, and 13 14 15 Amendments to the Constitution .No one is going to believe Michelle or Barack Obama or the rest of the rabble rousing community organizers.
Michelle and crew want not equal rights but a Communist set of laws to share goods, property and all possessions equally. Not equal access but an actual transfer of money and goods and property.
They are a distraction from the despotic acts of the POTUS. They can call to arms and rant and rave at a convenient target ,the Tea Party Movement, all they want. It is we who have to remain strong and focused to remove the thorn from our side. Redistributing our possessions and property will take away our personal freedom. We do not consent to this. We did not give anything away to King George nor will we do it on the say so of Marxist Obama.

Representative Michele Bachmann pointed out in Mark Levin Show interview that in this Congressional Lame Duck session we should expect to see them in November and December ramming through the rest of Obama's destructive agenda.
The agenda was not written by the Congress as called for by the U.S. Constitution but by dozens of unelected appointed CZARS working for Obama. That is why Obama, himself ,Pelsoi and Reid are confused as to the exact wording of the 2000 pages each of the Death Care Law or the Cap and Tax Bill or the Financial Reform Bill. That is why Pelosi innocently says we will not know what is in any bill until it is passed. She had not a clue. She and the others in both Houses of Congress have relinquished their rights to write legislation. All this without an amendment to the U.S.Constitution allowing for it to be that way.
Bills on raising tax appropriations for National Defense outlays or any other budget items requiring increases of our taxes (16th Amendment) have been constructed by the CZARS appointed by Obama.Blurring the distinct jobs of the three branches of government. Obama can undo all of the defense systems he wants to without our viewpoints being taken into account. The 16th Amendment instructed the Congress to write tax laws. We have no say this way. We would have had it been done by and through our elected representatives.
All unconstitutional !
All are grievances against this Obama government.

Obama et al want to shred the Constitution because they do not want to abide by it. Tyranny!
If the Congress were to bring up Impeachment Proceedings (Article II Section 4) in the House Obama could not turn them back no matter how many CZARS , or para military "Soldiers" are on the streets.Remember how he took so long to make a statement about the Iranian Patriots who took to the streets and died for their freedoms? He slyly was on the side of Ahmadinejad and the religious leaders who brutally suppressed them.
Use your copy of the U.S. Constitution and write your own feelings down about your vanishing freedoms.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Governor Palin 's Update On The News Todd takes off in his private plane over Lake Lucille


I do not like Reid or Obama or Pelosi : 2 and 1/2 White People

This race in Nevada is going to get worse before it gets better. Not much can be expected when two evil people conspire to defraud and enslave the American people with debt and no way to pay it off . The Death Care Law does just that. The 2 and 1/2 white people I mentioned are RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS CIRCUMSTANCE. When people call me a racist I know that is not true because I hate these three slick punks as much as they hate me. I would never send them anywhere to represent me or to be my political leader. Toward that end Sharron Angle, Republican candidate in Nevada, will stop Reid dead in his tracks if we can pay her way here . This is a direct connection to do so for Angle and for us.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Nevada Needs Reparations From Harry Reid

Justice was meted out from the Biblical days to how early colonialist handled justice and onward to today's courts Harry Reid needs to make at least $25,000,000 in reparations to the people and the economy of Nevada. That is the amount of money Reid has in his coffers to get re-elected.He will not make that election goal but he will pour that money into the economy of a state that is hurting by his legislation. If he has more than the reported $25,000,000 he should pay that also for his niggardly treatment of Nevada. Everything in the video is true. Nevada has been swindled,pummeled to death by Reid ( Obama Pelsoi) economic nightmares.
Reid is not going to be shuffled off to jail to pay for the rest of the monetary reparations Nevada needs but he will be sent back home so he cannot do further damage to his or any of the states.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sarah Palin Video Is Effective

The Mama Grizzlies video is lauded by American women who appear to be ready to vote for the best debt free future for their children and grandchildren. This goads the left because in order for them to admit to its truth they would have to admit to the enormous dangerousand unruly debt Obama is leaving.
Sarah attacks Obama's spend thrift ways and cuts him at the knees. She does not think that Obama should ignore women who are going to protect their children from the attacks on the left. Who would want to admit to such a thing and so of course the lame stream Obama Media and left loons like Senator Menendez (as THE HILL referred to him) are on the defensive. The video is aimed at women who have more than concerns about our Nation's Financial Collapse; they join everyone else who will rise up and slash this Obamanation.
More and more voters see that the lame stream media failed to or purposely left out the facts of just exactly who Obama is. They do not like the slide into Socialism lead by the Marxist POTUS.They were blindsided by what was waiting for them by electing Obama.
So this video is a target for the left as they too claw their way to keep things the Obama way. Obama trys to only put his name on what he thinks will give him a positive spin but women have been betrayed and will answer him with political growls and a NO vote of confidence.

Friday, July 9, 2010

A virtuous leader-Sarah Palin*

Sarah Palin is not made of Teflon where the Obama inspired attacks on her and her family slide off. No they are taken in stride and used to forge her into a mass of feminine steel. She has survived all the catty,underprivileged Alaskan attackers. She is not worried about the next round of Chris Matthews lame stream media attacks. The last wave of attacks by all of them are brushed off as lies. She knows they are lies and we are beginning to recognize them as such, too.
If they lack evidence (and they do) for their attacks and are left as mere ad hominem sallies against her,we will continue to no longer bother paying much attention to them. Little Mr. Cupid in the White House has run out of straight ,true arrows to sting her. He has a quiver full of lies and unkept promises that have blunted and bent the accurate trajectories for the arrows' shafts. They land back on him instead of on Sarah. So he is pretty busy being on the defensive.

Like the two old harpies whose picture (below) I used yesterday, Obama is not a virtuous man. A man who lies as a favorite way of communicating is not virtuous. Like the aforementioned harpies he kills defenseless babies even those up to nine months in the womb (partial birth abortions advocates). His hands are as bloody as Rep. Louise Slaughter (CD next to mine) and Speaker Nancy Pelosi. These two feminine anomalies help their earthly Master, Obama. They fawn over him and cater to his every whim as they giggle like over ripe school girls for his attention.I am remembering their guest appearances at the Obama Bipartisan Death Care Summit.

Now on to Sarah Palin:Does Sarah lie? Does she cheat others out of their personal possessions with unlimited taxes? Does she kill the unborn in the womb? Do you see her ask for God's guidance in private and public instances? Can you trust her as much as George Washington was trusted by the early Founders? Does she use God's gift of COMMON SENSE wisely? Does she advocate for costly expansive government programs? Does she look at Americans as virtuous enough to be self governed and get out of their way so they can perform as such? Does she belive in being in debt and spending money that belongs to her kids and grandkids?

The balanced total comes out on her side as being a virtuous person and ergo she will be a virtuous leader. She will work with a Congress of virtuous legislators.

PALIN 2012 and until then support her good judgement to find other Common Sense, virtuous leaders for us in the Elections of 2010.
Today's e-mail from her SarahPac announced that she has given out $150,000 to such candidates as Marco Rubio (Florida),John Kasich (Ohio), and Rep. Marsha Blackburn (Tennessee). I want her to do more.

*This was inspired by W. Cleon Skousen's Sections on Gifts Number One-Three in The Five Thousand Year Leap . God's Natural Law to ideas of Cicero. The Bible and great thinkers from their past and their present time inspired the Founding Fathers when they met to write the United States Constitution and to form our REPUBLIC.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cafeteria Catholics

There are not two positions of the Roman Catholic Church about abortion. There is one tradition and one teaching . Nancy Pelosi not only does not follow the CONSTITUTION she does not follow the teachings of the Church in the set of rules called the Magisterium. Catholics do not get to choose one from column A and one from column B like they would at lunch time in a cafeteria.
Nancy Pelosi is not a good bearer of "THE WORD". She is a Catholic who should stop herself from going to the Holy Communion rail.
St. Paul in Corinthians said those leaders who persisted in sin were committing a sacrilege if they were not in the State of Grace when they receive Communion. She is a leader who is in favor of abortion.She listens and follows her own set of rules.
She should be ex-communicated . When the Catholic Bishops of the United States get their act together they will do that. Until then...
She should separate herself from the Church by not receiving Communion.
She should condemn herself.
As for our part :We should pray for her.
It is really grating to have her outside the laws - as a non follower of rules. Joe Biden and John Kerry are also two leaders who do not follow the rules of our Church nor of the United States.
Killing of the unborn babies and slashing our Constitution which they have sworn to uphold makes them outlaws.These are leaders of ill repute. They are not governing by consent of the people. They do not follow God's teachings in their personal life. I do not expect much from them. Nor will I ever look up to people like this. I am having a hard enough time keeping myself on a righteous personal path. I would be as weak as they are as leaders but at least I would resign if the people marched in droves to protest me and my actions at the place where I work.
No, the Tea Parties are not going to fade away any time soon. The past few years have shown us what poor leaders will do to us. Nor should Catholics back away from condemning leaders who break the rules of their faith.


Monday, July 5, 2010


If we call everyone a thug what name will we have left for the actual thugs?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4th Thougts....

After a moment of wandering thoughts I shook my head and came to this... The first attack from Obama was to call the American Patriots infantile names. He is not George Washington leading the Patriots through horrendous odds against British. He was not on the side of the British -the enemy. The Revolutionary Patriots did not have many Benedict Arnolds fighting against them but they had a few. They ,at least ,did not have a Benedict Arnold as a leader.We have the worse case scenario no strong leader and he attacks us from within with words.
Then it dawned on me after reading how Bill Clinton (and George H. Bush) destroyed and dismantled our security defenses . We were left vulnerable.Our intelligence agencies sent off all helter skelter. George W. Bush was left with a mess that became very evident after the 9/11 attack. This Bush had to make up a strong defense budget and rebuild the intelligence agencies. Now Obama is dismantling our defense system once again. We have no trust in our security homeland defense. We will be attacked in some small way and it will be evident that we are ill prepared. We will be attacked again and again after that.
There will be no peace through strength. Very crucial to this argument there will be no money to spend on rebuilding our security . Obama has squandered our assets so that even if we wanted a strong defense we will not be able to have it.
Sarah Palin is right: we need a strong defense to ward off the bullies in the playground.
We can not get rid of Obama fast enough.
Five months left until we can take away Obama's reckless care of our assets.
We will be attacked over and over again with a treasonous leader leading us to the slaughter.
Who wants to be right about this?
Best to stay away from wandering thoughts.
It is Independence Day a day to celebrate winning a war and writing a document to be passed on this day 234 years ago. A document known as the Declaration of Independence.
But yet the fight is just beginning.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Magic Shows

My two birds in hand trick..... and next with Lindsey Graham, I will get rid of all Tea Parties .

*Drudge Report Photo Archives

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Defeat Obama On Every Front

VISIT The SITE Obama is suing Governor Jan Brewer seen here with Sarah Palin. Brewer is trying to get the Arizona Border secured from drug thugs and murderers.

Every week I have promised myself I will donate to Sarah Pac or her Legal Defense Fund .About 900 days left until I get to vote against Obama.