Saturday, May 28, 2011

Palin and the Revival of Reaganomics

Peter Ferrara of the Cutting Edge reported out of Forbes That Reaganomics can be revived
1. Reduce tax rates sharply, to dramatically increase incentives for savings, investment, job creation, business start ups and expansion, entrepreneurship, and work.

2. Cut unnecessary government spending.

3. Pursue anti-inflationary monetary policy to maintain a stable dollar.

4. Enact deregulation policies to reduce costs for business and consumers, and increase efficiency.
Talk show host Tammy Bruce sent us to read the Ferrara article and it made me compare Sarah Palin's monetary "Doctrines" with Reagan's.How dare I compare Palin to Reagan ? This was Asked of recalcitraint Reagan daughter Patti Davis on Joy Behar's show where she said no comparison. But unlike her father Patti can not read nor do research;especially not on Palin's speeches.Palin trys to repeat where she stands on monetary policy (no QE1 or QE2), lower taxes,reduces taxes so the small businesses can create jobs like her's and Todd's fishing business, and of course,reducing Obama's spending. She repeats the lessons again like I did for my Special Ed students. Repeats the lessons over and over to the likes of Joy Behar. But Behar's dog always eats her homework.
******MORE ECONOMICS-Kudlow All Supply Siders

Friday, May 27, 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Al Qaeda Leader

Look at this twerp new Taliban alqaeda maniac.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Smooth Slick Non Obama Promise to Drill for Oil

Obama is backing a Senate proposal to give more permits to drill for oil in Alaska. He gives mention of Lisa Muskowski re: proposal's sponsors. Right there a HUGE RED FLAG GOES UP. Murkowski(RINO) is an Obama slave. The permits to drill are one or two a year and all sorts of EPA and other restrictions to SLOW them down to a stand still.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Police Prayer


African Americans and Sarah Palin

Adrienne Ross who is one of the original TEAM SARAH FANS does this interview. She just came back from French Embassy as one of the attendees with Sarah, Todd and Bristol Palin. It was the after-party to Press Club Dinner

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Ass Holes

Saturday, May 7, 2011

More Than A Case for Homeschooling:Taking Action

The best thing is the least amount of time our children spend in a classroom with these commie loving Socialist teachers the better off we all will be.

If the schools go to a 4 day a week sessions that would be great. On the remaining days homeschool your kids or get a Conservative mentor to tutor them. It is not hard to assign them books to read and reports to give with research from the internet or libraries. Remove all pictures of Obama and other communists from the text books. I had a book of Presidents and stamps and coins which I gave to a 10 year old. I tore out all pictures or mentions of Obama.
Censorship or survival? I call it the latter.I taught for 35 years I would never do the commie national teacher's unions bidding. We must defeat this Obama Marxist Loving dictator. We will not accept Socialism over Capitalism. Not ever. In 2012 we hope to elect more Conservatives to kill the Death Care Law. Even if Obama is re-elected, Heaven Forbid, he will not have a rubber stamp Congress.
I have stated over and over again the National Educaation Department should be done away with because of needed budget revisions but also because it is too easy to make the Socialist Communist agendas in the curriculums the only things our kids see.
This is a radical move but it is fighting fire with fire. Pussy footing around will destroy us. Cut out the Obama cancer and save your children. No schools can be relied on to do your parental obligations. This is 2011 not the school days of yesterday. ###

Seniors4Palin: T.E.A. and Carl Paladino 05/05 by Tea Party Works ...

Seniors4Palin: T.E.A. and Carl Paladino 05/05 by Tea Party Works ...: "T.E.A. and Carl Paladino 05/05 by Tea Party Works On The Air | Blog Talk Radio"

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Best Speech by George Bush

Frankly as I watched the towers fall I felt alone. Then Bush came on TV stood on the rumble and I became a Republican from that day on. I wrote to him that I would always have his back after he had mine.

Don't Raise the Debt Ceiling!