Saturday, March 27, 2010

We Own Harry Reid

We own Harry Reid and if he does not like that idea then he can get off our payroll. Watch at HIGH NOON for the "shoot out at the OK Coral Search Light Saloon.
Such adventure in the middle of a Nevada Desert . Watch Sarah Palin and thousands of others talk to ol' Harry as he leaves town (Washington town) with an 8% favorable rating. PJTV carries the first Bus Caravan into Searchlight.PJTV is TV you can delight in;be sure to register with PJTV and sit back with a Sasparella at HIGH NOON.
Get rid of Harry, Nancy, Curly and Obamy by sending your "two-cents" in to Sarah Pac. I call it BUYING PALIN BULLETS so you can RELOAD for Campaign 2010 when a new sheriff comes to town.
Palin 2012

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sarah Palin on Bus Tour Saturday

JOIN Sarah Palin in Searchlight Nevada on Saturday March 27 at HIGH NOON. There is a rally at each stop on the map. Ann Coulter ,recently banned in Britain where there is no free speech, will be in Henderson,Nevada after the Searchlight stop with Sarah at noon.

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Catch a ride on the Tea Party Express Bus.

The map shows towns were Sarah Palin Pac will work toward supporting 20 Conservative candidates for election in November 2010. These towns and candidates are shown in the crosshair symbols on Sarah's Facebook page.
THE WORK TO GAIN A CONSERVATIVE MAJORITY IS IN PROGRESS. So much is expected from us but the end result will be NO more communist agenda like the Death Care Bill that just passed.
Palin 2012

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rush Limbaugh's Observation Of Us On A Thread

Who is at the other end holding up the metaphorical thread, Rush? At the other end of my thread is Wonder Woman and Superman.
As a matter of fact I have three threads I am holding on to: Repeal the UnConstitutiional Death Care Bill/Law; then, involk the Tenth Amendment, the States Rights one; Elect only Conservatives (probably Republicans because we can't trust so called 'blue dogs, like Massa and Stupak), and finally Vote in November 2010.

Aren't I a genius?
Of course not ! Those were the three STRONG Threads Sarah Palin (or as I call her President Palin) laid out last night on the Hannity Show on Monday after the Pelosi, Reid,Obama orgy on Sunday . Orgies on the Sababith will be dealt with later on Judgement Day.
Wonder Woman Michele Bachmann and about six others have introduced bills in Congress- Repeal Bills. Spider Man Governors ,about 30 of them, have called for nullification and will not be following any Death Care law in their states. They will challenge in Courts all the way to the Supreme Court . Challenge in courts the Constitutionality of this Commie-Socialist , Obama mess.
Paul Ryan is a Superman for his mastery of crunching the numbers for us and proving there is nothing but taxes and then economic ruin with this law.

Write the three threads on your PALM. Read them when you feel like there is a no hope to straighten out the Dope.
I have to go now. I found a credit card with $40 on it to add to the million dollar FIRE PELOSI Campaign.
I did not watch the garbage pass on Sunday. I did not watch the signing into unlawful law on Tuesday or when ever.
I never watch Obama speechifying. I have lowered my Hyper Tension to an outstanding level.
I am smiling...*smile*.
Palin in 2012

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Sue Lowden is leading Republican contender in Nevada primary race.
In less than 300 days she will replace the droopy faced Reid.
Nevada will have class and style after the election. The out going senator needs to go for a hike in the desert where he will not have to smell disgusting citizens anymore.
Harry will have hundreds of visitors when Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Express III bus tour begins in his birthplace of Searchlight ,Nevada on March 27th.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

To Representative Louise Slaughter (D 26 NY)

Please send to Louise who is old dog at 80 years old . Song is old song perfect fit.
My own Congressman in 29th District is home getting therapy. That would be Tickle-Me-Elmo- Eric Massa. Let's say in his "delicate" condition Eric is getting therapy of some kind. Anyway, I cannot e-mail or send letters to him anymore.
However,I did send a letter to Louise Salughter telling her how embarrassed and ashamed I was to have her and Massa from this area of New York.

I dream of sanity for our country and
Palin in 2012

Monday, March 15, 2010

Peeling The Corruption That Is Reid

Sue Lowden is the Republican candidate with the most experience and CLASS to beat Harry Reid. She is my choice for the Republican Primary in Nevada and the candidate to beat Reid in November . She is according to Real Clear Politics +9 % points ahead of Reid . Contact her at Sue

Harry Reid does not vet his partners very well as the video shows.. How many layers of investigation would it take to find someone he supports in Vegas who used slave labor in Dubai? Find Reid by EXPOSING REID>

Saturday, March 13, 2010

We Need To Avoid Candidates Like Mitt Romney

Friday, March 12, 2010
Quote of the Day (March 12, 2010)
Taegan Goddard:

"Mitt Romney's No Apology tops the New York Times bestseller list this week. However, a 'dagger' symbol next to the book signifies that 'some bookstores report receiving bulk orders.' Romney's book actually has two daggers. In contrast, Sarah Palin's Going Rogue never received a dagger next to its listing while a top the bestseller list in week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, week 5 or week 6."
- JP

Romney is the appointed nominee by Romney. John Mc Cain was the appointed nominee by the Main Stream Media. Sarah Plain will be the appointed nominee for the Republican Party by the people.
Romney is publishing polls which show him the lead candidate over Palin. I would say with a certain amount of surity those polls are Romney's own internal polls. Harry Reid has internal polls which show him winning his senate race in Nevada,too.
Games for the unsuspecting voters!
Plain 2012

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Andrew Breitbart Joins Sarah Palin in Searchlight, Nevada

Starts at High Noon in Nevada.

The Great Teacher

Monday, March 8, 2010

18 Days Then Searchlight, Nevada

Son of the Devil's Span...oops ..that was Erick Massa about Rambo...anyway Harry Reid won't be in Searchlight but Sarah Palin will be there at High Noon on March 27th. Searchlight and surrounding towns have a few spots for YOU to stay overnight after the rally. The Tea Party Express III to start the bus tour in Nevada and end in Washington, DC on April 15th.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Welcome to Georgetown,Texas Pop: 36,000

Welcome to Georgetown,Texas:population 36,000. No one here has a job . They lost their employment last month. According to humanitarian Harry Reid it is "GOOD NEWS."

This is the first month that the whole town woke up UNEMPLOYED. They are most grateful to Harry Reid , Nancy Pelosi and Barry Obama all who are still gainfully employed. If the town can survive their unemployed status until November 2010 when a REPUBLICAN MAJORITY wins, they can still live in GEORGETOWN without being gainfully employed. But wait. After that point some jobs may be headed their way. It is hard to tell if relief will be on the way even then. It seems that unless they belong to a union (preferably SEIU) and vote for through small contributions to Democrat Socialists in the next presidential election they will get NO RELIEF from the federal government.

It's ALL GOOD. Ask the smiling faced Harry Reid.
I have to end here before my readers think I am trying to write an outline for TV script for the TWILIGHT ZONE.
Oh! One more thing. On March 27 join Sarah Palin and the start of the Tea Party Express III bus tour. The Tea Party Express has chosen Searchlight ,Nevada: a town with a population of 562 people. No where near as big as Georgetown,Texas. It is also the hometown of Harry Reid. The Tea Party wants to campaign against Harry on he 27th. Buses are still available and hotels there and in surrounding towns are filling up fast for that date.
Palin 2012

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tea Party Express to Start With Sarah Palin

I can't wait for March 27th Sarah and the gang visit Evil Harry's Hometown. Bus loads of folks to stay overnight and rally RALLY RALLY!