Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sarah at Louisville,Kentucky Conference

Sarah spoke from the heart at a religious conference in Louisville ,Kentucky for an hour. The crowd numbered 16,000.
I put in this video and to contrast with the reports coming out of the noisy Tea Party Rally in Boston,Massachusetts two days before. She spoke for 20 minutes at that rally.
On April 15th Sarah and Todd went to a formal dinner in Ontario, Canada where she was well received.
All in all there was plenty of opportunity to hear and be with her over the past few days. Some of the appearances were rallying the Conservatives some were more sedate.
Which do you like?
I think the "real" Sarah comes out at quiet little dinners (with thousands). Those bring out the best of her.
Sarah 's Brand of Conservatism for 2010 .
Palin in 2012