Saturday, May 29, 2010

Commentary:Our Part As Citizens of These United States

There is not insured Domestic Tranquility as stated in the PREAMBLE of the Constitution. Obama has aggravated the American People and Our Traditions (ie. Capitalism-Free Enterprise). We have petitioned his government peacefully in marches, rallies, town hall meetings , letters and phone calls to be answered by ignoring us and ridiculing us.
We will remove him from office in 2012. His money for Socialist Programs (Death Care Law etc) will be contested by the new Congress to be elected in 2010.Should he run a 2nd time and win we must build a 2/3 majority in the Senate to try him for articles of impeachment beginning with Sestak and a pattern of Bribery (Article 2 Section 4).
Riots and insurrections should be walked away from by us (Tea Party , Team Sarah and 912 Projects). We will survive to bring obama's regime down at latter dates.
Palin 2012. Governor Palin is the strongest vocal opponent to Obama that we have. (<:
Election of Conservatives 2010 :

Palin 2012