Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We are fast at work fundraising for $3.5K for a mass mailing to Republicans in Metro areas of New York State. Boxes of Palin Palm Cards ,boxes of envelopes and making a delivery to the Post Office are pictured here. There were 12 others who participated but not shown here including myself.
One coordinator in Livingston County is having a summer on line sale of AVON products which is going well . Another coordinator is having Palin Information Wine Tasting Parties in Rockland County. On Staten Island and Manhattan door to door canvassing and Palm Card drop offs have been underway.Clubs and college students have been visited and Palin information left for them.
Our Tea Party (upstate) groups seem to be interested in having study groups instead of reaching out to voters.Consequently,we have just finished electing Andy Cuomo and lost a House seat in the 26th district. We already have horrible Schumer and Gilldibrand as senators.In the HOUSE Lee, Elmo Massey and weiner , and with Socialist Caucus member Louise Slaughter all surrounding us it seems to be up hill.

So it is time to roll up our sleeves and get busy. Palin 2012 is the answer. We will be ready for her if and when she declares her candidacy.



Willie gets set up for Street Fairs and Festivals to hand out Palin Plam cards with candy attached to each one.