Friday, July 1, 2011

Western NYS Works On State-wide Mailing

State Leader from Staten Island,Ron Devito of Organize4Palin-NY, directed mailing throughout New York State.
We handled hundreds of lists for New York State Republicans and mailed out thousands of Palin Palm cards during June and early July.The Project will go on until Sarah Palin announces.Below is a sample of the Palm Card from GOP VICTORY PRINTING:

Handwritten envelopes ready to be stamped . Stamps were purchased by our fundraising campaigns.
I enjoyed spending hours watching Palin in the news on TV while I addressed envelopes.

Some of the lists.

We will continue going door to door with the Palm Cards throughout the state while mailing to buildings where we cannot canvass . Upstate added a flag wrapped butter mint to our stacks of cards.In July and August these will be handed out at street festivals and art shows.
Willie will work with his friend Brent handing out the cards and candy.

We hope that more volunteers to organize4Palin will answer the call after they read the cards.