Monday, February 1, 2010

Keep Giving To Sarah PAC

As a local fundraiser for non profit groups and city and county candidates for office and judgeships I rather enjoyed seeing this last FEC report for Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin. I suggested to anyone who would listen to go and contribute more to Sarah Palin's PAC and not to celebrate for her totals. This is my experience -don't settle.

All I can say about Newt's 527 PAC, which has no limit (I think) for individual contributors is: WHY ARE PEOPLE GIVING NEWT MILLIONS OF DOLLARS EACH YEAR? People must like his commercials with Nancy Pilosi on Global Warming and his endorsement of DEDE what's her face in NY. Hannity loves the guy and wants him to run for president. Newt has the same reputation as EF Hutton. My Newt Portfolio would be a disaster . I am dismissive of him but at my own risk: Newt is the TOP CONSERVATIVE on TWITTER (#TCOT).

When I read the FEC report for SARAH PAC I was less than pleased with myself. The limit per year for Sarah Pac is $5000 for individuals. I barely made a fifth of my contribution limit.

I would say Palin's 14,000 contributors need to give the same amount of contributions to Sarah Pac this next quarter and get 14,000 more people to pitch in for the first time. Politco supplied Newt's and Sarah's break downs.