Sunday, February 28, 2010

Summit of Liars

It was a whole day summit of televised liars. Governor Palin on her Facebook pages pointed out how Le POTUS opened his mouth and time after time interrupted Republicans at his summit to tell lies. Look at the camera and lie. Pelosi and Reid did the same thing.They lied about the past and their future plans for the Death Care Bill. Obama added a few more pages to the over 2000 pages but it could not be scored (analyzed as to the cost) by the Congressional Budget Office because he did not include any specifics about the included items. To me that says he has no idea of how to write a piece of legislation. He cannot even put it in its correct form. What was he doing interfering that way with the Legislative Branch? I have no idea. He does whatever he can get away with. So Palin took him to task.

A few days later I read a local newspaper the GATES -CHILI POST for Friday,February 26,2010.There in was a Commentary by radio show host,Curt Smith. He kept track of Congresswoman Louise Slaughter who told the fabricated story about a lady who needed Death Care passed because she had to wear her dead sister's false teeth.All this because she could not afford Health Care. Louise is 80 years old and should be made to retire. She ,according to Curt Smith, has not served her district in years. The old hag has been writing a blog for the DAILY KOS Her district is in conservative upstate western New York and not liberal downstate New York City. She lives in a high-end suburb outside of Rochester, New York . (A few miles from my district.)If they knew what a flaming Socialist they had representing them they would call her home. Let's hope they all read Curt Smith's commentary on her.

She got the lying sob story from a doctor in Buffalo. We put up with a lot of such foolish lying sob stories from Reid et al. Pelosi lied and said this Death Care Bill needs to be passed because It would create millions (then she corrected herself) thousands of new jobs.

This was all too rich for my blood. I have sworn off lying forever now. Look at how foolish the socialist democrats looked that day. They wanted to make the Republicans look bad but ended up making Obama's personal approval rating drop down to 44% points. His lowest reach into oblivion and lame duck presidency. America cannot stand for much more of the liars.

Palin 2012