Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hey Lefties! Google in "Gortex" - brand name-

From another leftie genius at the SOUP BLOG.

Every one is dumb except the Socialist Commie rank and file, like Peter what's his face here ,who type all day in mom's basement.All day except when their mom's basements flood.
Unless it rains for 40 days and nights go camping with a roll of heavy ply plastic to lay on ground under your tent-even in the sunshine. Hikers and hunters buy plastic lined boots and always carry rain slickers. You have to have common sense when you are outdoors so that leaves this dude out. He and Joy Behar should hook up and go with Michelle Obama on a tax payer's holiday to Spain or Hawaii. Bring fries and Big Macs for MO and she will be happy.
Besides, didn't Mitt Romney go White Water rafting on the campaign trail not long ago.
Or maybe it was know-it-all Mikie Dukakis?

Key words for camping,fishing,rafting-USE COMMON SENSE.

PALIN 2012