Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Political Pundits : Some make sense ;some not so much

Tony Blankly today "No Come Back for the Comeback Kid in the Washington Times, tops TV's, Juan Williams' foolish notion about Juan's candidate,BO. Juan Williams works for FOX NEWS and Barack Obama. Does he think all of this loser's behavior on the part of Obama makes BO intellectually superior to Sarah Palin? She should not stand on the same stage with a lying POTUS. I do not find anything intellectually superior about lying.

When Palin saw she was at the point of diminishing returns as Alaska's governor she resigned from her position. A fiscally responsible person does not run up fines for herself or her state but brings it to an abrupt halt. When she resigned in Wasilla a socialist pig's voice from the crowd called up ,"WHY ARE YOU RESIGNING" and she stopped her speech and said :"YOU KNOW WHY". The voice was recognized by her as one of the idiots who filed a frivolous lawsuit against her.
Blankly points out that Obama knows he is using a wrong headed (communist Marxist) means of governing but he did not stop. Nor will he stop. Marxism and Socialism are not good forms of government.
Once Obama began to say nothing but blatant lies about issues like Health Care, I just stopped listening to him.
His speeches were always garbage in from commie pal CZARS and garbage out via the voicing of the teleprompters lines..
He did not know Bill Ayers nor did he ever remember what a phony minister named Wright said.
Obama is not intellectually curious or even aware of his environment. Sitting in a pew for 20 years proves it. He never heard anything.He never questioned anything.
Furthermore,he gives no outward signs of ever having sat in a Constitutional Law class. He just knows it's an old white man's document. He ignores it as the highest law of our land.As an affirmative action student,Obama was encouraged to write about his attitudes . I am sure that is what he wrote about in the Law Review. It is not an intellectually responsible form of teaching on the part of institutions of higher learning like Harvard, but it was an acceptable practice in that era.

I think back to Sarah Palin's Alaska and find when the loggers or oil tanker workers are explaining some feature of their work she is intently listening. If you teach someone something and they demonstrate that they have watched you and listened to you and can then demonstrate your instructions you have an intellectually aware student. Watch her ask questions of the logger and then get on a machine that actually moves logs. Now think back to Obama walking around with a "green industry" manager and that silly hard hat on is ready for a photo opp with not a scintilla of curiosity or interest.on his face. Obama pretends to listen but all the while he knows he is about to ram some stupid commie freak idea down the throats of the public. Caterpillar tractor manufacturing will never be the same after he got done with "farm equipment economics".Obama was twisting and changing what he saw at that visit.

He is up to tom-foolery-thinking when he follows commie socialists Saul Alinsky and expects us to not call him a Marxist or Socialist.There is no agreement in our land to redistribution of our money and property with others . He is inferior in his thinking that we will hold up our hands and drop our wallets on his say so.

There is no sense writing more.I cannot stand a man who lies.Obama is an unfortunate waste of time. I will fight his "progress" tooth and nail.Think of the dull look in the eyes of Stalin or Chevez. Looking evil in the eye. I was just now tyring to figure out how Babs Walters found Castro so enthusiastically intelligent. hmmm...

I will work for someone who is INTELLECTUALLY HONEST.
Palin 2012


Highlights Sons and, Sarah Palin,Daughter of Liberty Not Tyranny