Saturday, May 28, 2011

Palin and the Revival of Reaganomics

Peter Ferrara of the Cutting Edge reported out of Forbes That Reaganomics can be revived
1. Reduce tax rates sharply, to dramatically increase incentives for savings, investment, job creation, business start ups and expansion, entrepreneurship, and work.

2. Cut unnecessary government spending.

3. Pursue anti-inflationary monetary policy to maintain a stable dollar.

4. Enact deregulation policies to reduce costs for business and consumers, and increase efficiency.
Talk show host Tammy Bruce sent us to read the Ferrara article and it made me compare Sarah Palin's monetary "Doctrines" with Reagan's.How dare I compare Palin to Reagan ? This was Asked of recalcitraint Reagan daughter Patti Davis on Joy Behar's show where she said no comparison. But unlike her father Patti can not read nor do research;especially not on Palin's speeches.Palin trys to repeat where she stands on monetary policy (no QE1 or QE2), lower taxes,reduces taxes so the small businesses can create jobs like her's and Todd's fishing business, and of course,reducing Obama's spending. She repeats the lessons again like I did for my Special Ed students. Repeats the lessons over and over to the likes of Joy Behar. But Behar's dog always eats her homework.
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