Saturday, May 7, 2011

More Than A Case for Homeschooling:Taking Action

The best thing is the least amount of time our children spend in a classroom with these commie loving Socialist teachers the better off we all will be.

If the schools go to a 4 day a week sessions that would be great. On the remaining days homeschool your kids or get a Conservative mentor to tutor them. It is not hard to assign them books to read and reports to give with research from the internet or libraries. Remove all pictures of Obama and other communists from the text books. I had a book of Presidents and stamps and coins which I gave to a 10 year old. I tore out all pictures or mentions of Obama.
Censorship or survival? I call it the latter.I taught for 35 years I would never do the commie national teacher's unions bidding. We must defeat this Obama Marxist Loving dictator. We will not accept Socialism over Capitalism. Not ever. In 2012 we hope to elect more Conservatives to kill the Death Care Law. Even if Obama is re-elected, Heaven Forbid, he will not have a rubber stamp Congress.
I have stated over and over again the National Educaation Department should be done away with because of needed budget revisions but also because it is too easy to make the Socialist Communist agendas in the curriculums the only things our kids see.
This is a radical move but it is fighting fire with fire. Pussy footing around will destroy us. Cut out the Obama cancer and save your children. No schools can be relied on to do your parental obligations. This is 2011 not the school days of yesterday. ###