Friday, September 4, 2009

Being Conservative :: Being Transcendent

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A reaction to Governor Sanford invoking Sarah Palin's Name-
Gov. Sanford follow Sarah Palin's actions and resign.
The Conservative Brand is well served by Sarah Palin after she resigned and the work she does on her FACEBOOK page has been some of the best contributions she has made to furthering the Conservative Brand of politics. Everyone waits for E.F.HUTTON to speak and the same could be said about Sarah Palin. She could not move forward while dragging Alaskan Democrat Socialist Party members along; so resigning as Governor opened another door for her ;sans trolls. Some days she attracts as many has 10,000"fans". Go to her FACEBOOK page and watch for yourselves.
Sanford was a great Conservative Governor but now he is too distracted with his personal life.
As a Pro lifer he was doing God's work. As a par amour bore he cannot transcend to any of those activities.
He needs to re-establish his moral compass and get his following back.