Wednesday, September 2, 2009

As a teacher in New York State I had to take an oath that I was not now nor was I ever a communist. Today they do not have to bring that oath back {read by the principal and repeated by the new teacher} BUT THEY DO NEED TO STOP ALLOWING OUR KIDS TO THINK THAT WE ARE A COMMUNIST COUNTRY OR A MUSLIM COUNTRY OR THAT COMMUNIST FRIENDS OF OBAMA ARE GOOD PEOPLE TO EMULATE.
When parents objected to their kids reading a book I recommended I took the book away from that student. There are millions of other good books to read for book reports. Millions so why get fixated on one? Parents objected to THE COLOR OF PURPLE and CATCHER IN THE RYE during my 36 years of teaching.
I used common sense : when a HS student brought in a NEO-NAZI book I told him to read another one for the book report. All is calm ...all is bright! No fuss no pickets necessary.
On Sept.8th when Obama is on National TV I would have taken a teacher "duty" to monitor/watch over the kids in a separate room because their parents objected to POTUS indoctrination. I never wanted to be anywhere I did not chose to be!