Monday, September 28, 2009

Walking The Streets During The 40 Days Vigil For Life

Our Rochester Area 40 Day Prayer Vigil Finds me walking the Streets with my rosary in one hand while balancing a sign that says Pray To Stop Abortions.
We have to stand behind a BRIGHT YELLOW FIREMARSHALL'S Painted Line. To go beyond that would have the "FEDS" getting out of their car and arresting us. Some in our group of prayers have been arrested before. If they are again they will have a trial and perhaps some jail time.

People walk that street and we step aside so they may pass by but some stop to say they agree with our crusade for prayers ; while others stop to argue with us. This latter group asks :Didn't we know that abortions are legal in this country so how dare we take away this "Choice " for killing babies? Still others of this same group want to know why we do not recognize that there are too many people on this earth already. Killing 12,000,000 babies since 2000 has not thinned out the population in the world enough for their needs. They want to play GOD and decide who should live and who should die.

The Planned Parenthood Building that we pray in front of is located in and has easy access to the Black Community of our City.
On any given day we will see young Black women going in for an abortion. We notice their color because there is a relative abundance of these young women. Like in the nation 35% of the abortions performed are done on Black Women. While they make up no more than 11% of the entire population. 33% minority men are in prisons and 35% are being aborted...seems to me the Black Population would try to save a few more. The Black Community is "thin" enough. I know from experience that Black Children are soooooooo darned cute and I am grateful for their mothers having given birth to them.

Walk the streets with me. Anger attracted me there to the streets but prayer holds me up and lifts me from the mundane anger to the sublime walk in glory.
Walk the streets with me because I am walking between Planned Parenthood and an A.C.O.R.N office on the corner. All of these places make up the pedestrians on these streets.

They are streets with great flavor and possibility.
Rochester 40 Days Schedule is here.###