Thursday, October 1, 2009

Where We Gonna Go From Here *Anne Harpen 9/09*

A good song for young Americans. We want to leave them a future. We need to ask ourselves Where Are We Going? What will we leave? What are we standing up for now?

I love the rhythm of Anne Harpen's new song!!!!!!!!!!
Tell her if you do as well.

Anne will be on tour with GOOOH -GET OUT OF OUR HOUSE! The organization is taking no prisoners from the 2008 Congress. The Congress members refused to listen to our pleas for *NO CAP AND TAX *NO DEATH CARE* NO GOVERNMENT PAID FOR ABORTIONS* For this they are not the favorites of GOOOH and thousands of other American organizations .

Our Country Deserves Better.
OCTOBER 7,2009 TEA PARTY EXPRESS II -Getting Ready To Tour