Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Which Democrat Socialist Is Missing From The Hades/White House Meeting?

Keep your eye on the prize. These people are meeting in HADES/White House Oval Room to plot against your well-being
BUT...there is someone missing from the the photo opp.

Did you guess it?

Yes ,TURN COAT,NEW SOCIALIST DEMOCRAT ,Olympia Snowe is missing. So draw her in....

DO NOT BE DISTRACTED by the RUSH LIMBAUGH NFL FOOTBALL DEBATE. Ignore that and think about these people who are plotting to take away your peace of mind and your very life with DEATH PANELS and HEALTH CARE RATIONING. Romney's Universal Health Care Scheme in MA. is closing the state down with poor but expensive health care for the state's residents. That state is right next to mine. There but for the grace of God go New Yorkers.

Read all of the news entries today in BIG GOVERNMENT. The Rush Debate is there but other news is swirling around our injured nation- THE OBAMANATION.

These people plus Snowe in the photos should be missing their grins and important arrogant attitudes come 2010.
What will you do today? What one thing will you do today to ensure that the people in the photos change?

Think of one person to register to vote who feels the same as you do. OR send a check to a Conservative Candidate. None of the people in the photos deserve your money or your tax increases.