Saturday, March 27, 2010

We Own Harry Reid

We own Harry Reid and if he does not like that idea then he can get off our payroll. Watch at HIGH NOON for the "shoot out at the OK Coral Search Light Saloon.
Such adventure in the middle of a Nevada Desert . Watch Sarah Palin and thousands of others talk to ol' Harry as he leaves town (Washington town) with an 8% favorable rating. PJTV carries the first Bus Caravan into Searchlight.PJTV is TV you can delight in;be sure to register with PJTV and sit back with a Sasparella at HIGH NOON.
Get rid of Harry, Nancy, Curly and Obamy by sending your "two-cents" in to Sarah Pac. I call it BUYING PALIN BULLETS so you can RELOAD for Campaign 2010 when a new sheriff comes to town.
Palin 2012