Saturday, March 6, 2010

Welcome to Georgetown,Texas Pop: 36,000

Welcome to Georgetown,Texas:population 36,000. No one here has a job . They lost their employment last month. According to humanitarian Harry Reid it is "GOOD NEWS."

This is the first month that the whole town woke up UNEMPLOYED. They are most grateful to Harry Reid , Nancy Pelosi and Barry Obama all who are still gainfully employed. If the town can survive their unemployed status until November 2010 when a REPUBLICAN MAJORITY wins, they can still live in GEORGETOWN without being gainfully employed. But wait. After that point some jobs may be headed their way. It is hard to tell if relief will be on the way even then. It seems that unless they belong to a union (preferably SEIU) and vote for through small contributions to Democrat Socialists in the next presidential election they will get NO RELIEF from the federal government.

It's ALL GOOD. Ask the smiling faced Harry Reid.
I have to end here before my readers think I am trying to write an outline for TV script for the TWILIGHT ZONE.
Oh! One more thing. On March 27 join Sarah Palin and the start of the Tea Party Express III bus tour. The Tea Party Express has chosen Searchlight ,Nevada: a town with a population of 562 people. No where near as big as Georgetown,Texas. It is also the hometown of Harry Reid. The Tea Party wants to campaign against Harry on he 27th. Buses are still available and hotels there and in surrounding towns are filling up fast for that date.
Palin 2012