Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rush Limbaugh's Observation Of Us On A Thread

Who is at the other end holding up the metaphorical thread, Rush? At the other end of my thread is Wonder Woman and Superman.
As a matter of fact I have three threads I am holding on to: Repeal the UnConstitutiional Death Care Bill/Law; then, involk the Tenth Amendment, the States Rights one; Elect only Conservatives (probably Republicans because we can't trust so called 'blue dogs, like Massa and Stupak), and finally Vote in November 2010.

Aren't I a genius?
Of course not ! Those were the three STRONG Threads Sarah Palin (or as I call her President Palin) laid out last night on the Hannity Show on Monday after the Pelosi, Reid,Obama orgy on Sunday . Orgies on the Sababith will be dealt with later on Judgement Day.
Wonder Woman Michele Bachmann and about six others have introduced bills in Congress- Repeal Bills. Spider Man Governors ,about 30 of them, have called for nullification and will not be following any Death Care law in their states. They will challenge in Courts all the way to the Supreme Court . Challenge in courts the Constitutionality of this Commie-Socialist , Obama mess.
Paul Ryan is a Superman for his mastery of crunching the numbers for us and proving there is nothing but taxes and then economic ruin with this law.

Write the three threads on your PALM. Read them when you feel like there is a no hope to straighten out the Dope.
I have to go now. I found a credit card with $40 on it to add to the million dollar FIRE PELOSI Campaign.
I did not watch the garbage pass on Sunday. I did not watch the signing into unlawful law on Tuesday or when ever.
I never watch Obama speechifying. I have lowered my Hyper Tension to an outstanding level.
I am smiling...*smile*.
Palin in 2012