Sunday, February 20, 2011

EDITORIAL: Obama's war on democracy - Washington Times

EDITORIAL: Obama's war on democracy - Washington Times

The call to end unions could happen because there no longer is a need for organizations like teacher's unions. Union leaders ,who are fat and getting rich off members,should be taxed at a higher rate. That is the first reason to do away with them. That and because union members make more in the public job sector than the private sectors.The third reason for their elimination is the unions have turned into an arm for Obama's propaganda. Unions have turned into making Communist and Socialist Democratic ideologies the prevailing thoughts of today. Unions are no longer needed for advancements of the union members.

In Madison, a missive from Sarah Palin warns the union "Brothers and Sisters" that they are about to lose pay and perhaps even their jobs listening to Obama and the Union Leaders. SEE HER MESSAGE ON FACEBOOK. It was read to the Tea Party rally and the teachers in Madison, Wisconsin on Saturday.Here Palin's calm ,common sense words were well received by the crowd when they were read aloud.
She stands behind Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) and reasoned that when her state had no more money with which to bargain she had to, like Walker is doing , face down the union leaders. Obama is an agitator and divider who played basketball and sent his fatuous family off on a tax-payer junket to Vail ski resorts.
The vitriol of the Obama supported mobs shouted "KILL THE BILL" over and over again. Are we to assume some Obat will take up a gun and start shooting in Wisconsin to kill someone who stands for the BILL TO BE PASSED. Collective bargaining is done in good faith NOT when one side is nothing but greedy and the other side hasn't funds enough to negotiate.

Look on this site for the map which shows where the Agitator-In-Chief will cause riots next. Incidents are happening already in unions against the Republican Governor in OHIO. Obama wanted to take it to the streets like the thug he is .Power and money grabs are his specialty. His close mentor Frances Fox Pivens should be all smiles that people are taking their demands to the streets in the forms of riots and other disruptions.Shutting down schools would be a good start for her.

WE ARE AT WAR .To whom do we report infractions? We Americans have a right in the First Amendment to show our grievances .THE TEA PARTY and WE THE PEOPLE will respond to Obama.
I look forward to Governor Palin leading the charge against him and to keep on doing what she has been for the past 2 years-being our spokesperson.
Witch Pivens and Obama's other Domestic Violence Cheerleader against the people , Nancy Pelosi, can only make squeaks from the side lines. She stands in "solidarity" with the union and their outlaw demands. I am glad we made her little more than an unwanted side dish. Palin worked hard for a Republican Majority in the HOUSE.She and they are on our side.

PALIN 2012