Thursday, February 10, 2011

Palin tells the truth about Obama

Here is another nail for the Muslim Brotherhood-their creedo:
God is our Goal.
KORAN is our Constitution.
Mahamood is Spiritual Leader.

Hey, you can have your spiritual leader but when you live in the USA our Constitution is the HIGHEST LAW OF THE LAND.We do not accept SHARIA LAW which has as its basis The Koran. Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood and finds Muslim calls to prayer the most beautiful sound in the world. His words not mine. The POTUS and Mrs. POTbelly will be happy in a Islam Sharia Land.At least there the Mrs Potbelly has to shut up and cover her face.
Everyone says to wake up America . Just read and do what comes natural to an aware, awake American. Obama is trying to backtrack from his support of the Muslim Brotherhood. He is trying to back away mostly because support of our avowed enemy is treason. Aiding and abetting the enemy are articles which may be included in his Impeachment by the HOUSE. See the US Constitution Article 2 Section 4 and Article 3 Section 3. E-mail and discuss this with your elected House member for your district.
Obama's plans for Egypt's take over by the Muslim Brotherhood is considered bad by Saudi Arabia also. They will give Egypt any money that the Obama will take from them in the form of US aid. No one likes Obama's plans and certainly Governor Palin is speaking out against his befuddled diplomacy with Egypt. It makes both him and Hillary Clinton the simpletons of the world. So much for Obama leading the "World Caliphate". He is standing in the way of a Caliphate by his unwise actions which is good for us.
This is not Sharia Law Land because that would be LAWLESS LAND. We are a Republic free of the KORAN and for some of us free of Mahamood. Keep it that way.