Friday, February 18, 2011

Obama takes on Wisconsin just like he did Arizona

Obama the community organizer/agitator sides with striking teachers in Wisconsin. Obama the community/ agitator sided with illegal aliens in Arizona. Obama the community idiot should be impeached.
Gee, you would think that Socialist Democrats from Wisconsin, ran out of their hiding place in their Illinois Hotel without their pants on. Seems they just ran out without their brains
Wisconsin is going to fire them and probably the teachers who are out on strike begging to raise their state's debt ceiling. Today we do research to see if the teacher's performances are tied to performances of their students. There is a strong nexus to me. If the students score as low as the students in my area then the teachers need to get NO RAISE NO BENEFITS JUST SOME MORE TRAINING TO IMPROVE.
Our school district ratio of high paid administrators to teachers is 23 to every teacher. It should not be 23 it should be 180 to every teacher. Over the years my salary rose but the students kept failing. Schools were put on probation and some closed down. But we all got our raises and the administrators added to their bargaining unit.
The run-away Wisconsin state legislator said the people need to have more time to look over the consequences of the governor's (WALKER -R) cuts.The legislator is posing an idle threat. Parents need to close down the schools and have those same parents HOME SCHOOL their kids. Socialist Democrats need to cool their heels. They are dead wrong and the parents with help from TEA PARTY groups will oversee the endings of the profligate Socialist Democrat spending. Obama has to go for agitating and also, for agreeing with unions who want to break the state.
It will all work out.