Saturday, April 16, 2011

Budget Plans With Spin

Obama waited until Representative Paul Ryan (R) fully developed his Road Map To Prosperity: reducing the deficit by $6 trillion dollars over the years and putting an end to Obama's Socialist spending spree. Socialist are not interested ,per se, in keeping a rein on spending but on rewarding their favored voters with certain entitlements. They use our tax money to expand government which in turn makes the voters dependent on it. Some in our nation need help but that group can be pared down to shave off folks who are just taking advantage of programs and free load.
Obama lies about his "plans" all of the time. He never carries through and more than likely says two or three different versions of the same thing. It is whatever comes up on the teleprompter. He is a known liar or just too dumb to remember what he says from one day to another. His main goal is to get government centralized control in perpetuity.
The Republicans as of late, have controlled the HOUSE and announce their plans then vote to carry them through. As long as the Senate is still under control of the Socialist Democrats we will have to wait until 2012 to get Republican plans passed and signed into law. These plans are a direct result of the many Tea Parties and town hall meetings where a majority of the voters asked for certain changes. That majority was evident in the results of the 2010 elections. Obama will leave us bottled up at a stalemate.He tried to yank us into being a Socialist Centrally Controlled country. The nation will, however, know what to do in 2012, just like it knew in 2010.It did not vote to follow Obama's Socialsim in 2010 ;just the opposite. Some Republicans want the same kind of control over the nation as Obama does. Karl Rove and other RINO types in the Republican Party will have less say this next election. A victory to control the Senate is imminent for us.
Sarah Palin is working through her PAC to keep us away from Socialsim and Obama,the Marxism lover, or RINO control.###