Friday, April 8, 2011

evil lurks here...

God will remember the faces of these baby killers.

Immoral Leadership Wasserman Schultz

The Moron Sisters

In the faces of Socialist Democrats you can see a killer's rage. Protect the unborn from further killings.
I must say that tonight's screeching from these witches aka the Shut Down Government DEBATE in Congress and beyond Congress. It exposed that they really believe the lies Planned Parenthood Inc . has told them. They believe that poor women have no where to turn when they need pre cancer screening or ob/gyn consultations. That is a lie as they do have free clinics which they can use. Once Planned Parenthood finds out that a girl is pregnant they start in on her to abort it. That is where 95% of their business comes from. So many women are cheated of their flesh and blood by having Planned Parenthood wrap up their bloody fetus in surgical sheets and cart it off to a hospital path division or the morgue. I sat and watched from my car how hospital SUVs pull up to PP buildings and carry out white bags with the remains in them. Horrible scenes. Made me kind of dizzy. I suppose I had both rage and resignation. These were some of my experiences during the 40 Day Prayer Vigils outside the Rochester Planned Parenthood on University Avenue. Bring some quarters with you to pay for street parking and watch the death traps for your self. You do not have to join a prayer group like I did but you may end up praying for an end to this.
Link for facts on number of abortions ;no such link to tally up mammograms or cancer screenings LIARS AND KILLERS.