Monday, August 31, 2009

Patti Lynn Clark Barnett THUNDER ROLLS

Thunder Rolls
DIGITAL MUSIC FILE HERE!!!! From Wasilla, Alaska like a blazing Northern light
Comes a phenom on a mission with the White House in her sight
Since making her his running mate McCain is on a roll
Its looking more and more like Johnny Mac has struck pure gold

When she burst upon the scene I had my questions
About the pretty former mayor in high heels
This meteoric mama's world is far from B. Obama's
Johnny Mac has got an eye for the real deal

She's a warm hearted woman from Alaska
Corruption and injustice leave her cold
This gun totin' mama will help decimate Osama
From his cave he can hear the thunder roll

She's a governor, a mother and a woman all the way
I pray the main stream media will live to rue the day
They set out to destroy her in every way they can
But her numbers keep on ticking up
While going down for their man

They have tried to crucify her with their slander
Desperation of the narrow petty souls
There's now fear in liberal land
The storm is nearing and they now can
Hear the thunder roll

The candidates' numbers are ever shifting. However it is my sincere hope that McCain/Palin will win this election. None other has ever been so important for the good of the country and democracy.