Thursday, November 25, 2010

Honey, I shrunk the kids.

We have always been interested in the children of the POTUS or children of entertainers. We buy their books and pick up a tabloid or two in order to read abut the latest wedding or accomplishment of the children of the "stars".
We love to compare them to their parents. If they are accomplish for reason of some special talents we cannot wait to hear the latest. If the offspring are too shy or lack "stage presence" we move away from them rather quickly.
I am not sure how much talent Bristol Palin showed in her dance routines but she was interesting to look at. We enjoyed hearing what her mother and father had to say about her developing years. Then we gawked like we usually do. In the case of Bristol we got to vote and comment on the Internet what our opinions were.The Palin kids are not very long winded when they answer a reporter's questions but Bristol is becoming more self confident and sharing more comments ,of late. Piper ,the youngest girl, Says one or too things then wants to move on.
We are left wanting more candid comments if the kids do not say enough and when they prove rather talentless we are disappointed. We had much hope that Caroline Kennedy would be verbally as brilliant as her father and when she kept on repeating "YA KNOW YA NOW." we wanted no part of her. Amy Carter always looked like she would melt if she stayed too long in front of he camera.