Sunday, November 14, 2010

Remember Hannah Giles and ACORN Exposures

I just received a letter from Liberty Institute which is a legal group helping to fight for Hannah Giles who is being sued by ACORN for exposing them. I sent off a donation because I believe in their work. Hannah Giles is no longer on the front pages of the daily news but she is involved with defending herself against Obama's cadre of illegal workers to steal elections and whatever other thug business he wants them to tend to. George Soros funds and Obama organizes and although ACORN has changed its name and addresses many times I am sure in the three lawsuits against Hannah Giles they are known as ACORN.She is being sued by individual ACORN workers all over the country. Her last case is from a worker in California.
Hannah Giles with her Investigative Partner James O'Keefe

My donation is going to Liberty Institute because they have other cases of interest: ACORN Voter Fraud actions and MOJAVE DESERT Cross removal by the ACLU. The lawyers in this group are said to be "deep in the thick of it"representing all in court cases.

Obama is in need of extremists to do his dirty work such as registering non-citizens to vote and forging names on registration forms.

I wish the INSTITUTE would get involved with Joe Miller's case against Lisa Mukowski in Alaska. Seems that there is a smell of voter fraud when whole Native Alaskan towns voted for Murkowski. That is another matter and I am sure the Senate Ethics Committee needs to look into Murkowski's unusual write- in- vote in that state. Voter fruad is a sure way of winning against LIBERTY in this last midterm election. There is much to do and some of it has to be done in the courts by groups like The Liberty Institute.