Thursday, November 4, 2010

We Want A SARAH PAC Bus Tour

Sarah Palin is still pinned down by about $150k in legal debts . Let's extinguish those this month.The site says July 23rd deadline;that date ended but missed the goal.

Then begin to build up her WAR CHEST ,so to speak, so she can travel around the country with her family after she promotes her new book which is on sale at AMAZON.

We want to see TRIG on the bus with his mom. He is the sweetest thing ,to me since my mom's apple pie! Sarah seemed so much in her element at the Tea Party Express rallies. She even said the crowds spurred her on. Her family comes first; that is just like my mom was,too.They, however, are America's First Family. We love them. If you don't and are jealous just leave her alone. Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's goods- their good name, or possessions or family.
We are not interested in Obama or Harry Reid or Jerry Brown or even Andy Cuomo all out to destroy America: state by state in the cases of Brown and Cuomo. In order to stop Reid/Obama we want to have Sarah Palin campaigning for a new Senate which will have Conservative Constitutionalists in the majority. That can happen as soon as 2012.
Sarah Palin and Senator Jim DeMint worked tirelessly to get us so many Conservatives in the new Congress. They had a high success rate. The Tea Party Movement with rallies and Town hall meetings fore-told the issues WE THE PEOPLE wanted from a new Congress. Harry Reid is already acting up saying the Majority in the House cannot have the Bush Tax Cuts for all income brackets. Harry Reid is not in charge of the purse strings anymore. His dirty work is over. He can concentrate on the 20 % unemployment rate he brought about for his state of Nevada. I imagine the voters will want him home so they can complain to his face.
The people demand that there be deadlock on any further Reid/Obama agenda.
Sarah spoke out against compromising principles ; we will stick with her leadership.
Her War Chest is her SARAH PAC.Write and Tell Sarah you want her to run for the presidency and that you want to see her on a new bus tour to the lower 48 states as soon as she can get here. Invite her to your group for dinner and a speech. She will be doing two of those on November 9th and the South.

PALIN 2012