Saturday, November 20, 2010

Yes we can ,because I can.

Because we are so exceptional it is taking Obama/Reid/Pelosi longer to take us down.
Good thing Midterm Elections stopped Obama/Reid/Pelsoi DEAD in their tracks. We have 2012 with Sarah Palin as our leader and a few more Constitutional Conservatives elected to the US Senate to hold the line and restore the place America has had after World War II. We will take control of the healing: restore jobs and repeal and replace the Death Care Law-stop Al Gore and Babs Boxer's Cap and Tax.
We can because I can. Do you agree?
Sarah Palin does not try to thwart WE THE PEOPLE How do I know this? She made the Tea Party stronger by speaking at Tea Party Express rallies. She mentions their place in history. OUR PLACE AS PATRIOTS.
In light of the fact that RNC head and Sen Republicans Committee tried to discourage our candidates like Joe Miller in Alaksa and Chrsitine O'Donnel in Delaware they cannot be trusted. All they did was to deny us a majority in the Senate. No one said to stop watching our back and our front line. We have learned not to trust Republican elites as well as the Socialist Democrats.
We have continued to march on DC (Freedom Works)even right after November 2 of this year. Guess what? Rep Bachmann and Sarah Palin have stated we need to reload because we are not finished.
Notice in CONGRESS Pence and DeWitt being joined by strong Tea Party Movement additions Marco Rubio, Allan West, and Rand Paul. Rick Santorum will try to hitch a ride as will Newt Gingrich but Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann have done the Yeoman's work.They rally when we rally. Bachmann will build the Tea Party Caucus in the HOUSE and Rand Paul is expected to form a caucus in the Senate.
There is no reason why the Tea Party Movement will not get behind a Palin Presidency drive.
The fore-mentioned elected officials believe in American Exceptionalism.