Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Finesse The Street Actions -Focused Tea Parties

There are many kinds of street protests happening lately. The AIG one was a FAKE.
We have learned that the AIG protestor's bus was paid for by ACORN (our taxes at work). All this AIG phony protest took place with the maximum amount of media coverage.
So if at the next TEA PARTY a short ,yellow bus pulls up with protestors:LEAVE. Meet again another day. Thier arrival would mean too much mainstream media coverage and it also would mean the end of your First Amendment Rights to peacefully assemble. The key word being "peacefully". Other rallies have attracted rabble- rousers(as in San Fran) and if this becomes the norm then the Tea Parties would become less popular. Granted the unruly rallies have ended badly because other issues were brought into play.
The contacts being made for further action from the Tea Party attendees has been great. The contacts and networking is best done without the bama's ACORNS. Do not call CNN-MSNBC-FOX or any national news to cover your Tea Party no matter how large the crowd is.
This is Grass-Roots protesting without a political party in the forefront or without national news coverage, and without bama reactionaries.
Focusing on our Constitutional Rights is not all that interesting to the bama and his ilk. Keep it that way.