Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Huffington Post Reporters Get My Response To Their Articles

Hutchinson like Schaeffer goes:
Speaking of aiming , firing and not missing but HITTING THE TARGET: I am so thourougly enjoying THE DEATH OF RIGHT AND WRONG by Tammy Bruce.
Tammy hates wrongs and LOVESSSSSSSSSSSS AMERICA.
She claims to not follow any organized religion but her writings on wrongs (sins) are so similar to what I hear the priest say in his Sunday homilies everyweek , I am amazed.
I love her radioi show and her talk on abortion (she is strongly pro-abortion). She says if you find yourself in an abortion mill YOU HAVE FAILED. I am prolife and I could agree 100% with her comment. She also says: chastity is the best defense against AIDS. When she says it in her book (before mentioned) she will not get as many negative reviews as POPE BENEDICT XVI just got.
Tammy is my kind of CLASS.