Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hugh Hewitt Show on ST. PATRICK'S DAY-What luck???

Bobby Jindal was a phone guest on the Hugh Hewitt show tonight. It ended with Hugh saying I will introduce you next week in DC where you will be keynote speaker.
Rolling my eyes. Jindal as key note speaker NOW that should be exciting. NOT!
Jindal said he has learned from his response to the bama's speech- fiasco that people do not like his smile or that he speaks too fast. He said he is thick skinned so those comments about him are ok. (Tammy Bruce , I believe, called him Howdy Doody. Howdy had thick skin. IT WAS MADE OF WOOD)
Really? I am not thick skinned so I will not defend him as a Republican spokesperson.
I know enough of us wrote to Steele about Jindal's lousy presentation. So of course Steele's response to our complaints is to do it again.
I HAVE A HEADACHE... good night