Thursday, August 5, 2010

Obama Dirty Tricks and Lies

The Tea Party was a front for Obama in several states. He is laughing at states that vote because a candidate has "endorsed by the Tea Party " in their campaign literature. Possible states where this happened is Nevada before the Republican Primary and in Tennessee and South Carolina where weird candidates have surfaced. Maybe even in New York State. Obama is a waste of time and so are his operatives.
Where Obama is failing he will try to disrupt the election process. His poll numbers show him he is not accepted with his crazy Marxist /Socialist planned economic schemes. He will do anything he pleases as he is an unethical ,less than honorable person.
Sharron Angle Nevada Senate candidate is spot on in a speech where she pointed out that Harry Reid wants to replace God for the Socialist Democrat Party. This concept is right out of the Russian Communist Manifesto where there is no need for a Divine Creator. Man is responsible for everything that is or needs to be done. Rely on Obamanism and the chief of evil-Obama.