Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Socialist Democrats In Alaska Revise History

The present scientific poll numbers are indicating that Barack Obama is fast becoming the worse president in American history. His direction for the country is not approved by a majority of Americans and his claim to fame , his Death Care Law, is a law which most Americans want to see repealed.

Democrat Socialist,meanwhile, are revising the high favorable poll ratings for Sarah Palin from the time when she was the 9th Governor of Alaska. Alaskan Democrat Socialists filed frivolous law suits against Sarah Palin while she was governor trying to make her look as if she had been involved in ethical shortcomings.Although all charges were found without merit and dropped All cahrges but one which was settled when she paid for traveling expenses for her family.The ethics charges cost her and her family close to a million dollars. Governor Palin put a stop to those unethical claims by the band of Socialists who were aided and advised by Obama's old law firm by resigning .

Socialist in general have to revise history with lies and propaganda. Scientific polls say that Governor Palin was one of the most liked governors of the state of ALASKA.Now that she is no longer governor they would like to revise those scientific polls. It reminds me very much of the Marxist- Lenin and Stalin revisions that school children had to endure in the old USSR.
It did not work then and and will not work for the Socialist American president today. It was worth a try and I have noticed that in a google search her photos have beem removed from her days as governor. Of course there are other sources for the governor from her time in office.
Recently a D-List Teacher from Homer , Alaska , told Palin she was the worse governor of Alaska. Is that how revisionist teachers are instructing Alaskan students?

Revising such recent events and scientific polls is dangerous, but Obamanisms insist on pressing their luck.