Sunday, August 1, 2010

...and take her with you!

*Photo from Drudge Report 8/1
It is reported that Obama wants to stop being on TV 24/7. It's too late! The damage has been done. He has personally annoyed me for two years so why stop now? His aides or rather they should call them his campaign managers for 2012 have a strategy whereby Obama will stay off center stage. That way he can get to make his cabinet the visible "fall guys" for his first 2 years of mistakes . His poll numbers sunk so low and so fast that Mr. Ego has to stop the bleeding from his unpopular laws.Rather than start following the Constitution which does not make him all three branches of government at the same time, he will go into hiding. He will send out America's sweetheart ,Michelle, to beg for his programs' acceptance. She has already said that we have to suffer changes in our way of thinking and acting and become good little Socialist puppets like she is. Of course little Socialist puppets can go on vacations and expensive international dates as often as the whim hits them. Where are yours? A thirty room villa/hotel reservation awaits her in Spain after she goes to Cape Cod for a few weeks. She is making real sacrifices and changing her way of thinking to be a model Socialist for Americans to see. She is proud of America now,but she was not proud when she was only making $350,000 a year on her job.
We can not expect this family to sit at home in the White House and twiddle their thumbs all day.I am not sure why but that is how the Socialist elite in the old USSR used to think too. They had the best of everything while the peasants had nothing but promises of 5 and 10 year plans. Obviously the plans did not work in the old Soviet SOCLIALIST Republic and it is gone. Maybe that is why Obama did not call his agenda a FIVE YEAR PLAN OR A TEN YEAR PLAN. He merely says it will be years of promises before anyone sees the benefits. His Death Care Law or other unpopular programs will not be good for Americans for ten years or so.
Obama needs to rest in between buying 50% plus of America's private industry. It has been especially hard when he has received so much opposition from millions of American Patriot Tea Party members. He resorted to a campaign to malign the MOVEMENT. It has been hard on him to have to see FOX News and Glenn Beck ,especially, nay say his Nationalization of American industry . Buying everything in the name of a central government is a Socialist gem. Before he actually stops he will do away with FOX NEWS. He needs to have a smooth road ahead as he makes us, against our will, a Socialist county.
He is really out of money so it is hard to buy off Senator's votes for their "yeses". The second part of his plan will be to ignore the elected Congress and just bypass the Constitutional set up of three branches of government. Then we will see his administration forcing a national amnesty for illegals by presidential fiat alone.
Obama will be in hiding , probably on the golf course, while the cabinet sells his impossible dreams. Then he can begin campaigning in earnest and expect the Obama Propaganda Press to follow him as he is filmed in more cheery settings.
If you do not agree with my scenario then how will you get rid of Michelle who surely will be getting "up in your face"?