Saturday, August 14, 2010

Repealing The Fourteenth Amendment

Take the poll to the left. Give your opinion on repealing the 14th Amendment. It was used to give citizenship to the slaves. Passed in 1868. Is it still useful? I say only if Obamanism succeeds in making illegal Mexicans actual American Citizens under the jurisdiction of the United States-which they are not.Obamanism people pretend a great deal aka lie. They think by repeating a lie often enough it becomes true. Saul Alinksy's RULES FOR RADICALS list this as one of their most useful attack strategies on Americans. The illegals are Mexican citizens under jurisdiction of Mexico.They should not be given the legal rights of actual citizens.

And so the debate goes on...Once you touch something in the Constitution by amending it you ,open a hornet's nest.

A new site about knowing the Constitution: here. Join in with others on September 18th. reading and discussing our Supreme Law.