Friday, August 6, 2010

Parallax Error :

You have a parallax error when you look through your camera's lens to take a picture what you see in the lens is not what comes out on the negative. Nothing spooky about this it just means your lens system is out of sync. The camera may have been dropped or the lens may have that error from the factory.
When you look at Obamanism you are not really seeing Obama you are seeing a man deliver some pathetic speech from an 18 year old sycophant Socialist Democrat. I got off on this train of thought after I heard the crowd applauding Obamanism in a Detroit car factory yesterday. I glanced at the TV and the crowd of workers then I went into another room. I left the TV on. There was some used piece of dead fish that Obamanism had just told the crowd and they ROARED. The applause was deafening. Someone had turned on the special effects applause tape. Unreal. That is what Obamanism wanted you to hear and that is what you got. A wild cheering crowd -that did not exist. Soon we will see women fainting again in his audiences. It is going to be a long summer for Obamanism as his poll numbers fall through to China.
Last night I listened to Mark Levin and an hysterical woman called in saying she lost her job ,her house , her car and her husband had a gun to his head and wanted to take his own life. Mark immediately said 'Let me talk to him." The gunholder ,I maintain, did not exist. The lady said they lost everything because they told their employers they had gone to Tea Party Rallies especially the one on Sept 11 last year and that got them fired. Mark told her not to tell anyone where she works anything more about the Tea Party Movement or thier activities. What a wnderful way to keep people from their First Amendenment rights.
More and more Socialist are calling into to Conservative radio shows . They all start off trying to dumb down the host by saying they listen every night to the show. Just plain rubbish. They do not listen every night to anything unless they are told to. Most likely they have been told to. The rest of the routine is to tell the host he is wrong. Don't you love how clever Obamanism is?
Wasting time is one way Obamanism will try to get back at Conservatives for having such delightful radio to listen to. TV has been breached ,also. Geraldo the FOX sensationalist on Sunday had his producers write the ticker news that Michele Bachmann had been stricken with some unknown illness and that she was in the hospital. They could have at least made up a deadly disease. Michele went about her business knocking the stuffing out of Obamanism. Nothing reported from her that she was about to die.
I suppose that if we saw in person these unknown tricksters we could tell they were phony, fake, and Socialist out to start a war of the worlds. A radio show from Orson Wells,the actor, was able to frighten all of America with breaking news that Martians had landed on earth to conquer us. There was a war of the world going on .I was too young to hear that radio program but I later read it as a piece of American BELIEVE IT OR NOT .We are being told that we are racist and will fight Blacks in the streets. Orson would be proud of Obamanism.
Socialism and dictators use these tricks all over the world. Why should Obamanism be any diffferent?
Carry on and enjoy your day.