Friday, October 8, 2010

Accidental Governors in New York

Pataki was dreary. Spitzer was on his way to a whore house. Paterson same except he had a driver for his escapades before becoming governor.
New York City voters are not serious. They carry to Washington crazies and crooks like Schumer and Rangle ,respectively. Gillibrand seems to be Harry Reid's gun moll. He likes her legs or whatever.

New York State upstate is on life support with the populace hardly breathing.

Now Paladino has dropped so far below Cuomo we will get the accident of a Cuomo governorship. Illegals getting licenses so they can run over New Yorkers and Frannie and Freddie loans will be invigorated by dumb Andy Cuomo.
Cuomo is an Obama Socialist Democrat.

It is not enough to tell New Yorkers you elect idiots (Bloomberg comes to mind,too) BUT YOU DO!

Back to the status quo unless people respond to sending in contributions. HERE