Friday, October 29, 2010

The Munchin and Murkowsi Nuptuals and Baby,O, Makes 3

Murkowski the write in mother in Alaska and Munching the Socialist Democrat in West Virginia and former Governor of same, wish to announce their Baby, their pride and joy ,Baby Obama. The are all in the same family, in the same bag for Cap and Tax,Death Care Law and whatever is in baby's soiled diaper. They pretend to be on the side of their states but they are waving around odious Obamanisms.
I think Joe Miller in these last few days with this ad (video) wants to kick out Mama once and for all from Alaska. My ,oh my such temper tantrums.A pristine state and to have all of this Murkowski warfare going on must make Native American Eskimos laugh at her . She has been in power in their state and has somehow helped channel their rightful legacy from rich resources into hands of corporations; defrauding all Alaskans.I read one report that their checks are as low as $350 a year if they get that at all. The Washington Post last Sunday had a pictorial essay /article about Native Alaskans and their loss of funds.

As for the popular governor of West Virginia who will vote with the baby to have Cap and Tax penalties take away their major industry- COAL. I hope WVA voters know what a scoundrel Munchin is and vote for John Raese running for Senator. Munchin is on his knees to the voters saying he doesn't like Baby but he will get to Washington and vote for everything-Obama.