Sunday, October 17, 2010

Latest Poll from My County in NYS-Monroe County

According to the latest Democrat and Chronicle newspaper my county is switching to Republican for November 2010 election. So what else is new? We have a Republican Country Manager, Maggie Brooks, already.
Here is the problem. We have a Democrat as Rochester City Mayor. He is very popular and that is OK except he will bring in Andrew Cuomo on HIS coat tails.
Cuomo picked Duffy as his candidate for Lt Governor. Bob Duffy, is popular in Rochester. He seems to be a little less of a frenetic spender than other state wide 'Socialist Democrats.
HOWEVER,Bob Duffy is not running for governor of New York. If Duffy makes it to Albany he will be bringing with him Andrew Cuomo. New York does not need Cuomo.He, while at HUD was as much responsible for the Fannie and Freddie financial crisis as Frank, Dodd, and Billy Clinton. Cuomo is a bleeding heart liberal who as Atty .General wants to give driver's licenses to illegal aliens. He says to identify them and New Yorkers say it means to run them over by a driver on a drunken driver on an responsible binge.

I will not be voting for Cuomo/Duffy. We can not afford Cuomo.
Now on to the actions of Republican Conservative candidate Carl Paladino.
If someone took a picture of my ten year old daughter through her bedroom window I would not punch the photographer out,as Paladino threatened to do, but I would have him/her arrested for trespassing and make him/her answer the question what are you going to use those photos for?? Paladino did not handle the NY Post correctly.